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Troubleshooting Common Lighting Issues and How To Repair Them

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Knowing how to troubleshoot and resolve common lighting issues is important especially if you are unable to seek the help of professional light services. Furthermore, it can help you avoid accidents in case your light installations have become damaged due to problems such as a power trip or faulty electrical wiring. You might also be able to determine if you have other issues relating to your power sockets or switches. Here is a list of common light issues and how to repair them.


Overheating Electrical Socket


Whenever you experience problems with your light bulbs or other light fixtures, the first thing you should do is check your electrical sockets. It is possible that they might be disrupting your electricity flow especially if they have been in use for a long time. You can use a voltage meter to test them in order to get an accurate measurement of the current level. Simply place one probe of the meter on the socket center and the other one on the socket side. If the meter lights up, then there is a possiblity that your socket is overheating. In that case, have a power socket replacement or repair done quickly.


Damaged Switch Wiring


If your installed power socket appears to be in good condition, try inspecting your light switch’s connections to see if they might be damaged. To do this, first disable your power supply and then remove the cover plate of your light switch. If the wirings appear burnt or frayed, immediately call an electrician to do an electrical wiring repair or replacement.


Damaged Light Wiring







If there seems to be no problem with your home light switch wiring, you might instead have an issue with the lights wirings instead. To confirm this, inspect them thoroughly. The first wire should be inside the electrical box while the other should be located behind the switch. Disable your power supply and then check if these wires have become loose or show signs of a short circuit. If any defects are present, contact a reliable electrical contractor to repair or replace your lights wirings immediately.



Most licensed electricians have special tools which they can use to resolve any form of lighting issue. So by calling one to assist you, you can help prevent any further difficulties caused by problems with your light bulbs. At Everyworks Singapore, we have a team of licensed electricians with long experience in conducting various electrical works. Once you decide to engage us, we can help you tackle any lighting problems you currently face. For more information on our electrical services, make sure to view our price list.


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