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Light Switch Replacement

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Besides power sockets, having light switches installed in your house through light switch services is also important. This is because they enable your lights to function thereby providing your home with light.

Light switches are essentially binary devices which enable you to adjust your light installations. These function by either opening or closing the electric circuit depending on which direction the flicker is pointed to. However, they can sometimes experience problems like sparking, power trips, and overheating. In that case, you will need to replace them immediately.

There are many technical procedures involved in electrical installations such as a new light switch. It is vital to be familiar with them to avoid any problems which might cause accidents such as electrical switch or socket shocks. Here are some things to remember when replacing your light switch and the steps required to properly do so.


Things To Remember Before Replacing A Light Switch


Before you replace your light switch, it’s vital to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Try to find out the reason for why your house’s light switch doesn’t work properly.
  2. Next, open the switchboard and disable its connection to the main power supply.
  3. Check if the switch’s electrical wires have been correctly attached to the pins. Also make sure to see if they have incurred any form of damage.


Steps Involved In Replacing A Light Switch


Once you have cut off the switchboard’s connection to the main power supply and checked if you need to replace the electrical wiring, you can now begin replacing your light switch. As you do so, take note of the following steps:

  1. First, use a screwdriver to detach the plastic board.
  2. Now remove the non-working light switch together with its screws and wires. Be sure to follow important electrical installation safety tips while doing so.
  3. Strip the wire capping to eliminate all signs of carbon build-up.
  4. Attach the new switch to the board then place the wires into their switch poles and tighten the screws. While doing so, ensure that the light switch you’re installing is positioned correctly.
  5. Affix the switchboard back onto its original place.
  6. Finally, turn your power supply back on and see if your installed lights work as needed.



Now that you’re aware of the steps needed to replace your light switch correctly, you’ll be able to change your existing switch easily. But should you continue to face difficulty, don’t hesitate to engage Everyworks Singapore. We have licensed electricians who are professionally trained in installing light switches without any problems whatsoever. Furthermore, they can render any electrical services which you might be in need of. To know more about our servicing costs, feel free to check out our price list.


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This article is reproduced from Daylight Electrician Singapore.

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