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Effects of Power Failures in Singapore

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In a high energy-consuming country like Singapore, power failures can be very inconvenient. In fact, it can hinder you from completing important tasks since your home’s light installations are unable to function.

Some people may be able to resolve a power failure issue through DIY electrical repairs or minor electrical issue troubleshooting. But if you experience a large-scale power trip with your installed power socket or other installations, trying to resolve it yourself may lead to major accidents. We will discuss some reasons for why you should contact an electrician in case of a power trip. There are also some tips for choosing a reliable electrical contractor or electrician as well as measures you can take to prevent a power failure. Feel free to also read on the importance of power failure alarms.


Why Calling An Electrician Is Important


Power trips with light switches and sockets can occur due to a variety of causes. Some can take place due to loose wiring connections while others are caused by defective or stuck power sockets. If you have trouble in finding out the root of your power failure problems, you can try contacting an emergency electrician to help you out.

Many electricians are well-equipped and trained in handling all sorts of electrical issues such as light installation problems. Engaging an electrician can help you quickly determine the cause of the power failure. Moreover, you’ll be able to have your socket or circuit breaker repaired quickly as well as obtain tips on how to prevent a power trip from taking place in the future.


Tips For Choosing An Electrician

When choosing an electrician to resolve your circuit breaker or installed power socket’s power trip issues, take note of the following tips:

  • Make sure that you choose an EMA-licensed electrician. That way, you can confirm his or her eligibility in resolving all forms of electrical problems.
  • Check if the electrician you want to hire has many years of experience and has adequate expertise. By doing this, you can ensure that they know how to conduct the procedures for repairing or replacing your power socket or circuit breaker.
  • The electrician you engage with should be readily available and must have the capacity to conduct electrical services anywhere for power sockets, lights, house light switches, and others.
  • Your chosen electrician must also offer reasonable prices for the service being conducted. Avoid hiring anyone known to overcharge for simple power socket or light switch repairs and who ask for unreasonable fees.
  • If the electrician you’re considering claims to have wide experience in electrical servicing, try asking them for a portfolio of their electrical works to prove their expertise.


Appropriate Measures To Take In Case of A Power Failure

When it comes to power failures, it is important to consider the following measures:

  • If you fear that a lengthy power trip on your switch or installed power socket might prevent you from performing important duties, try having a generator installed. That way, you will be able to go about your daily business even if you lose electricity.
  • Equipping yourself with battery-operated night lights and emergency lights is a viable alternative if you are unable to install a generator. These can ensure that you have adequate brightness while you wait for your socket or non-working light switch to be fixed.
  • If you feel that installing a generator or buying battery-operated lights are needed, you can simply stock up on candles and matchboxes. That way, you will be able to have enough brightness for long periods of time while your socket or light switch undergoes repair.
  • You probably feel that your mobile phone is a sufficient source of light in the aftermath of a power trip on your power socket or power switch. In that case, make sure to have portable power banks ready for when your phone runs out of battery.


Why You Should Buy A Power Failure Alarm

Knowing when a power failure is likely to take place can help you prepare accordingly. It is recommended that you purchase a power failure alarm.

A power failure alarm is a device which alerts you of a power trip on your socket or installed light switch. This is normally installed on the power supply’s main area or on various electrical appliances. By having it set up in your home, you will be able to adopt necessary safety measures such as unplugging and disabling electrical devices. Moreover, it can prevent electrical switch and socket shocks in case of large-scale power trips




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