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Why Your Light Switch Is Not Working And How To Fix It





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Electrical works and electrical services is inevitably essential in modern-day society. Without it, human beings would not be able to go about their day-to-day lives. It is not a common sight to repair a light switch, but many problems will arise when one malfunctions. Thus, here is a list of common light switch issues and some ways on how to resolve them.


Common Light Switch Related Issues

1. Sparking Switches

If you notice a sudden spark erupt upon turning on your switch as well as a loud pop, it’s imperative that you contact a licensed electrician immediately. This problem may be caused by a mere defect in your light switch or even a more serious case such as damaged electrical wiring.

2. Noise Emanating From Switches

Any noise emanating from your light switch such as buzzing, clicking, or crackling may be caused by loose electrical wiring or even a power trip. A problem with your switch’s electrical installation is also a possible factor. Whatever the cause, make sure to contact a reliable electrician to resolve the issue immediately.

3. Light Switches Which Feel Warm To Touch


If your electrical switch feels warm to touch, you may need to have it repaired or replaced by a professional electrician. It’s important that this issue is resolved as soon as possible in order to prevent further issues such as an electrical fire.

4. Flickering Light Fixtures

If you notice flickering in your lights after turning on your light switch, consider the possibility of a defect within the light fixture or with the switch itself. Though you can simply replace the bulb, it would still be best to avail of recommended electrical services to ensure that the problem doesn’t recur in the future.


Light Switch Replacement Types

After learning about common light switch issues, you can now explore the following light switch replacement options:

1. 2-Way/3-Way/4-Way Switches

If you wish to be able to power your lights from more than two locations, then consider installing two-way, three-way, or four-way switches. These switches normally consist of four brass terminals and one ground terminal. Though three-way and four-way switches are not common in residences, they can easily be found in commercial or industrial buildings.

Installing any of these switches will enable you to control your lights from any location. This includes large areas such as warehouses, long corridors, and even entrances. Contact a licensed electrician if you wish to have one set up in your home.

2. Gang Switches


Gang switches come in many different types and are named based on how many switches they have. For instance, a single gang has only one button switch while a 3-gang consists of three button switches. Knowing which specific type of gang switch to have professionally installed depends on how many lights you intend to control and where. A single gang switch would be most suitable for controlling your water heater switch or bedroom ceiling lights. On the other hand, a 4-gang switch is best if you wish to control some downlights in your living room. Whichever switch you choose, make sure to have a professional electrical contractor help you set them up.


Common Signs Which Require Light Switch Servicing

The following are some signs which indicate the need for light switch servicing:

1. Costly Electricity Bills


If you’re currently experiencing skyrocketing electricity bills, you may want to have your light switches examined by a recommended electrician. Often, electrical switch problems can cause electricity bills to increase rapidly. This could be due to a power leakage causing your switches to exceed their power usage. Other factors also include broken or defective switches, old switches, and cracked cover plates.

2. Warming Receptacle

Though a warming receptacle may not seem like a serious issue, it can actually cause serious accidents if left unattended. Should you experience this problem, immediately stop using your switch and cut off all power to it if possible. Contact a reputable servicing company to help you with this process.

3. Exposed Wires

Leaving electrical wires from your switch exposed is extremely risky since it can lead to major accidents. Moreover, it can damage your home’s electric circuitry if not attended to immediately. Should you notice exposed electrical wires from your switch, make sure to seek assistance from professional wiring services as soon as possible.

4. Flickering Lights


If you notice flickering from your lights, immediately check if the bulb has been inserted properly or not. You may also wish to replace your lights, and if the flickering continues to persist, then the problem may lie in your home’s electrical wiring. If so, contact professional light services to have it examined.

Why You Should Contact Everyworks Singapore

If you’re currently struggling with any light switch-related issues, don’t hesitate to contact Everyworks Singapore for assistance. We provide reliable switch-related services at affordable costs. These include installation and repair of various switch types such as water heater switches, power switches, and many others. For more information, make sure to view our price list.

All our electrical services are facilitated by respected electricians with many years of experience. Besides doing professional light switch installation, our crew can ensure that your switch-related issues are solved immediately and efficiently. Moreover, they can advise you on proper switch maintenance and how to prevent further switch-related problems in the future.

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