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Why You Should Avoid DIY Aircon Servicing

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You can enjoy cool and refreshing air in the comforts of your home or office just by having an aircon installation performed. In order for this to last, you should know how to properly care for your residential or commercial aircon. Keep in mind that regular aircon servicing helps your unit to function well for a long time. That said, it is not advisable to do it on your own.


Aircons are very risky to service without the help of a professional. You could even end up causing problems that will require extensive aircon repairs. In some cases, the entire unit will even need to be replaced completely. To learn more about why DIY aircon servicing should be avoided, take note of the following:


It Is More Costly


If you experience common aircon issues and think that you can do normal aircon servicing on your own, you cannot just use tools or equipment that are readily available inside your home. In fact, you will need to spend tons of money to buy the tools needed to perform DIY aircon servicing. Oftentimes, this is more costly than having regular or quarterly aircon servicing done by professionals.


You Might Diagnose Your Aircon Issues Incorrectly

Even if you have some knowledge of aircon repair symptoms related to your unit, it will still be difficult for you to accurately diagnose whatever aircon issues you have if you lack professional training. The technical procedures needed to get your unit working again might be difficult to understand as well.


Once you notice problems with your aircon, you should not hesitate to engage an air conditioning service for assistance. They can accurately diagnose any problems with your aircons and resolve them as fast as possible.


Opening Your Aircon Yourself Could Be Risky


An aircon is just like any other appliance in that proper procedures need to be followed when it is being disassembled. Unfortunately, many DIY videos posted online fail to include information on how to properly disassemble a residential or office aircon. Relying on them can therefore cause you to inflict heavy damage to your aircon which could result in it malfunctioning. The entire unit might even need to be replaced if the damage it sustains is quite severe.


In order to prevent your aircon from becoming permanently damaged, it is best to avoid opening it yourself. Rather, seek help from an aircon maintenance company. This will ensure that your unit is properly serviced without any major damage.


You May End Up Using The Wrong Tools

No matter how much knowledge you have on the procedures entailed by aircon servicing, you should still consider the tools that need to be used. If you do not have the right tools to service your aircon yourself, you could end up causing major or permanent damage. Remember that using the proper tools to service an aircon is vital as it ensures that any aircon problems are resolved smoothly.


Instead of spending so much on buying the right aircon tools, you should try to seek assistance from a reputable aircon servicing company instead. They can ensure your aircon works normally again without any major issues occurring.


It Consumes A Lot of Time


There are a lot of myths about aircon servicing that have been spread. What is undoubtedly is that it can really be time-consuming when done without any professional assistance. If you decide to conduct aircon servicing on your own, you may be left with little to no time to attend to other tasks.


The best thing to do when your unit needs to undergo servicing is to call a professional aircon service right away. That way, no time will be wasted and your inverter or non-inverter aircons will be taken care of by the best technicians.




When you decide to do aircon servicing on your own, you will need to buy the right tools, exert a huge amount of effort into learning the right procedures, and spend a lot of time and money. The chances of a failed diagnosis of your aircon’s problems are also very high. Instead of trying to service your unit yourself, therefore, we recommend that you seek help from an aircon servicing company like Everyworks Singapore. We can efficiently deal with any aircon issues you are facing no matter how severe they might be.


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