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What You Should Know About Aircon Servicing

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Regular aircon servicing is considered extremely vital for both residential and commercial aircons. This is because it ensures that the unit functions for a long period of time. Otherwise, problems like an aircon water leak could take place.

In this article, we discuss how aircon servicing works and the things you should do to ensure that your unit functions properly.


You Have to Change Your Air Filters from Time to Time


You might think that the aircons in your home or office can work properly even if you do not clean your aircon filters or replace them. In truth, its air filters should be changed every 6-12 months. Otherwise, you could experience numerous aircon cooling problems which will need to be resolved through costly repairs.


You Need to Clean Your Aircon Fan Regularly

Over time, dust, dirt, and debris could get stuck inside the aircon fan. For this reason, cleaning it from time to time is necessary. By doing so, you will enhance the quality of air released by your installed aircon and ensure that your home or office has clean and cold air.

When cleaning your aircon fan, you can use a vacuuming device to thoroughly remove any particles or contaminants that might be present. Be sure to clean the fan properly or else your unit could experience some issues which could eventually turn into aircon emergencies. Should you experience any difficulty with this process, seek assistance from an aircon servicing company.


You Should Avoid Letting Your Aircon Run The Whole Day


Aside from the drastic effect, it could have on your electricity bills and aircon energy savings, leaving your aircon unit running for the whole day could cause it to experience numerous problems. For one, it could be overworked and its airflow could be restricted. As a result, the air it releases may not be as cold and refreshing as usual. Therefore, make sure to service your unit when needed so as to prevent high power bills and the occurrence of various aircon issues.


Regularly Cleaning Your Aircon Decreases Its Maintenance Costs

If you perform regular aircon servicing, you will be able lower your aircon maintenance costs. In effect, you also decrease the instances when your aircon will have serious problems that will require expensive aircon repairs. Furthermore, cleaning your aircon from time to time makes it much easier to service in the future.


It Is Best to Let Professionals Service Your Aircon

Aircon units comprise different parts that could be damaged if you try to do aircon servicing, repair, or cleaning by yourself. For this reason, we recommend that you hire an aircon maintenance company to assist you. Aircon professionals are highly trained and will know what to do when problems with your aircon units occur.



Regular aircon servicing is very important for your air conditioners. If you fail to have it performed when needed, your units could end up experiencing problems that could cause them to be permanently damaged. Part of aircon servicing involves changing the air filters regularly, cleaning the aircon fan, and turning on your unit only when needed. Not only that, but aircon servicing provides numerous benefits such as lowering your maintenance costs. It is best done by professionals, however, as doing it yourself could result in permanent damage.

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