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Usual Kinds of Aircon Noises

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Any type of aircon that lacks care and maintenance will tend to produce aircon noises. This aircon issue is a great inconvenience, therefore it must go through an aircon repair right away. Although you can only do this if you learn what the causes are and hire a reputable aircon servicing company to solve the aircon noise. Hence, we have listed the eight common types of aircon noise.


Buzzing Sounds

If the fan blade or the external condenser unit is damaged or detached, your aircon unit will make a buzzing sound. When you notice that your unit’s fan motor works well, try checking for any problems with the condenser coils and copper pipes. There are instances wherein it is blocked with dirt and other contaminants and it is required to undergo repair or replacement. The shortage of refrigerants due to an aircon gas leak is also a source of the buzzing.


Humming Sounds


Both inverter and non-inverter aircons have a part called the relay which moves the power to the compressor when the installed aircon unit is switched on. If the relay switch experiences electrical or mechanical impairment, it produces a humming sound. Therefore, if your aircon unit is unexpectedly humming, inspect if the relay switch requires a repair.


Banging Sounds

The compressor’s function is to circulate the refrigerant such that it can spread sufficient aircon cooling. Its components will eventually damage or loosen if there is no regular aircon servicing and this is another source of the banging sound. It will be wise to have them for repair or replacement as soon as possible.


Clanking Sounds


An aircon includes various metal components. If these metal components become damaged or detached, they will hit each other which causes the clanking sound. To get rid of the noise, open your aircon unit and inspect which components have incurred damage. Although, this is not advisable, hence engage an aircon servicing company to fix the problem.


Clicking Sounds


An aircon utilizes manual or programmable thermostats to keep track of the temperature. If the thermostat is turned on, it transmits energy to the relay which transfers it to the compressor. When the thermostat suffers from any damage, the relay or compressor will make a noisy clicking sound. Therefore, ensure that you properly maintain it to prevent any serious problems.


Squealing Sounds

An aircon unit has an installed outdoor condenser that consists of a fan and an indoor blower with a motor. If the motor is damaged, it will make a disturbing squealing noise. Thus, be sure that it does not suffer from any harm or detachments after a while.


Rattling Sounds

The condenser unit is usually installed outdoors. Just like aircon filters, it collects dirt and other contaminants. If it is not cleaned, therefore, it will cause your aircon unit to make a rattling sound. If you hear this kind of sound regardless of the regular cleaning of your condenser unit during an aircon installation, inspect the other aircon parts as they might have been detached. Afterward, have the damaged components undergo repair or replacement immediately.


Screeching Sounds


If you hear screeching sounds from your aircon unit, it may be due to low refrigerant levels. The good thing is that this can be easily fixed by doing an aircon gas top-up. However, if you think that your air conditioning unit consists of an adequate amount of refrigerant, then the fan motor in the outdoor condenser unit could be impaired. You can also check the motor’s bearings or if the fan belt requires repairing or replacement. The force inside the compressor can be the source of the screeching sounds as well.



The causes of aircon noises such as buzzing, humming, banging, clanking, clicking, squealing, rattling, and screeching are usually due to a lack of proper care and maintenance. Therefore, it must immediately undergo repair or replacement as some of the aircon parts are damaged or loosened. With the different kinds of aircon noises, there are specific causes that need to be checked first to diagnose the problem. It is highly recommended to let a professional aircon servicing like Everyworks Singapore inspect and resolve the aircon issue. To know more about our servicing costs, you may view our price list.


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This article is reproduced from DW Aircon Servicing Singapore.

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