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How To Get Rid of A Bad Aircon Smell

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Emission of a foul smell is a common aircon issue faced by many people who own a residential or commercial aircon. In fact, it often happens at least once throughout the unit’s lifespan. Nevertheless, aircon owners should still take prompt action and have their aircon serviced whenever it starts to produce a bad smell. This is to prevent it from worsening and causing other problems. We recommend hiring aircon professionals to analyse this problem. By doing so, you will be able to quickly find the source of the smell and receive the best solution to eliminate it.

If you think the foul smell coming from your installed aircon does not constitute an aircon emergency and would like to resolve the problem yourself, be sure to follow these steps:


  1. Detach Your Aircon’s Casing


You need to detach your aircon’s outer case as soon as you notice the smell it is emitting. If you own a small unit, you can easily remove this case to expose the fan, compressor, and aircon fan coils. If your unit is rather large however, you will have to loosen the outer case to gain access to the inner components. While doing this, be sure to avoid bending the metal fins since they are quite delicate

You will need to be even more cautious if your installed aircon system is a window unit and you are planning to do the aircon servicing yourself. Before fully detaching your window aircon’s casing, It is best that you draw a diagram of the various screw placements before removing them. That way, you will know exactly where each screw should be placed when you reassemble your unit later on. If you are not confident in your ability to do this, you should consider engaging an aircon servicing company instead. 


  1. Closely Examine Your Aircon’s Components


To get to the root of your aircon odour problems, you will need a flashlight to thoroughly examine the inner components of your unit. Some of the things you have to look out for include the growth of mold or mildew due to insufficient aircon cleaning and decaying vegetation or dead animals. 


  1. Wash Your Aircon Unit


You can begin the washing process by moving your disassembled aircon unit to your bathroom for an aircon chemical cleaning. Begin by removing any accumulated debris and dirt in the unit using compressed air. However, make sure that the compressed air pressure is not too high to avoid damaging the inner parts. Once you are done, take a damp cloth and wipe away any remnants. 

If you are not fully confident about washing your residential or office aircon yourself, it would be better to hire professionals to assist you instead. 


  1. Clean Your Aircon’s Drain Line

After washing your installed aircon, you need to remove the drain line and flush it with a mixture of hot water and bleach or distilled white vinegar. This helps to remove the stench by killing any mildew or mold that may have fostered inside. After letting the mixture or vinegar sit for a while, start washing your non-inverter or inverter aircon with water. Once the drain line is completely dry, you can proceed to reattach it. 


  1. Wash The Aircon Fans And Vent

Do not also forget to clean the fans of your aircon as well as the vent. Start by soaking them with the mixture of water and bleach used earlier. This makes the washing more effective as compared to merely spraying the fans with water. While soaking the fans, turn them slowly to ensure that they are thoroughly soaked. Afterward, you can spray plain water on them to dissolve the bleach mixture. 


  1. Wash The Drain Tray 

All inverter and non-inverter aircons contain a drain tray which is used to collect dirt. After removing the drain tray, you should first wash it by placing it under running water before disinfecting it with the water and bleach mixture used previously. You can then replace the tray once it dries.  


  1. Change or Clean The Air Filters


When air filters get filled with dust and debris, it causes a musty odour, and aircon not cold problem take place. You can resolve this by either changing your air filters with new ones or washing them with a diluted bleach solution or hot soapy water. However, before you clean your aircon filters, check that they are reusable first. If you are planning on reusing them, you should also see if there are moulds or mildews on them which may account for the foul smell coming from your unit.


  1. Put Your Aircon Back Together


After washing your aircon unit and its respective parts, allow all of them to dry. Keep in mind that aircon components that have not completely dried could cause other problems like aircon cooling issues. Afterward, you can proceed to reassemble your entire unit.



By the time you complete the eight steps above, you should have a clean, working aircon that is no longer producing a foul smell. However, if the problem persists, it is time to engage a professional to repair or clean your unit. We recommend you contact Everyworks Singapore for a professional aircon servicing. Our technicians have years of experience and are backed with numerous positive reviews


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