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Should I Repair Or Replace My Toilet Bowl?

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Some toilet bowl producers state that their products are enduring. Although in reality just like every other household piece, toilet bowls will deteriorate in the long run. In a few years of using a toilet bowl, you may start seeing some indications that require a repair.

Nonetheless, your faulty toilet bowl will need a repair if the cause of the toilet issue is indelibly figured out. If you notice that the problem persists, contact a plumbing service provider as they will suggest having a toilet bowl replacement.

Are you still hesitant about getting a toilet bowl replacement or repair? have your toilet bowl for repair if you encounter these problems:


Toilet Keeps Running


You may think that a leaking toilet bowl is not a big deal. Although, this is a usual issue in many households. The cause of a leaking toilet is when the water from the flush tank is always spilling into the toilet bowl. Apart from being bothersome to toilet users, it can also result in wasting water.


Toilet Bowl Is Unable To Flush

If your toilet is not flushing appropriately, there are some causes to why this occurs. It can be a choked toilet bowl, damaged flapper, poor water levels, or the lift chin is torn. Call plumbing services right away to check the issue and conduct the needed repair.


Low Toilet Water Level


For a toilet bowl to flush appropriately, it must have enough water levels. If germs are resting in your bowl even after numerous toilet flushes, it can bring bacteria which may result in health issues. Engage with a plumbing service company to address the poor water levels in your toilet bowl.


Have Your Toilet Bowl Replaced If You Encounter These Problems:

Clogged Toilet Bowl


A clogged toilet bowl happens several times a year in some houses, mainly when the toilet bowl collects toilet paper. Although if your toilet chokes persistently, immediately contact a reliable plumber to replace your toilet bowl. Instead of having a repair, toilet bowl replacement will help you save more time and effort in being concerned if the issue might happen again.


Constant Rise In Water Bills

Many contemporary toilet bowls save water unlike previous toilet models. The previous models normally used more water than the modern toilet bowls. If your water bill keeps increasing, this is a sign that you should replace your toilet bowl.


Toilet Bowl Needs To Be Repaired Frequently

When you constantly need a toilet repair service to address your toilet bowl issues, this is an indication that your toilet bowl requires a replacement. Replacing your toilet bowl will help you save a good amount on further toilet repairs, and above all, you will not have to stress about having another toilet malfunction.



If your toilet bowl is malfunctioning and you are thinking about whether you need to have it for a repair or replacement, there are some obvious signs that you should know. The indications for a toilet bowl repair are toilet bowl leaks, not flushing properly, and poor water levels. On the other hand, the signs for a toilet bowl replacement are clogged toilets, the constant rise of your water bill, and constant toilet repairs. When you are faced with a toilet bowl issue, it is ideal to contact Everyworks Singapore. We have the best plumbers who can repair or replace your toilet bowl efficiently.


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This article is reproduced from Toilet Bowl City Singapore.

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