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Signs That You Should Replace Your Toilet Bowl

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You probably experienced using old toilet bowls that look like it is going to have a complete breakdown. Regardless of being a ceramic finish, toilet bowls still face common deterioration after a while. Many toilet users disregard the obvious indications of impairment to prevent the expenses of replacing a toilet bowl. Nonetheless, you can easily look for a plumbing servicing company that provides an inexpensive servicing cost.

Still do not know when to replace your faulty toilet bowl? Beware of these indications!


Toilet Bowl Clogs Frequently


Many homeowners choose to contact a plumber when faced with a leaking toilet. Although it is usual for skilled plumbers to address toilet clogging, regular choking of toilet bowls is an indication that your toilet requires a replacement. If you replace your toilet bowl this can guarantee you that the issue will not occur again, avoiding any toilet repair fee. This can also avoid the collection of germs owing to the existence of grime in your toilet bowl.


Toilet Bowl Runs Constantly

The cause of a leaking toilet bowl is a faulty rubber flapper underneath the toilet tank. The water begins to run nonstop, which can escalate your water bills. The other possible causes are a damaged fill valve in the tank. To quickly resolve this problem, engage a plumber to do the necessary repair. Although, if the issue persists within a particular time, the plumber may suggest that your toilet needs to be replaced to prevent further difficulties.


Toilet Bowl Is Unstable


A toilet bowl that is not stable is too risky, mostly if you have children living at your house. There is a possibility that the toilet bowl would tumble or even crack up. The cause of having a wobbly toilet bowl is detached screws. Although you can quickly fix this issue, it is ideal to hire a plumber to check if the problem is due to the detached screws. When your toilet is unstable on the account of a decaying floor below the toilet, call a plumbing expert right away to replace your toilet bowl.


Toilet Bowl Has Cracks


If you spot a fragment on your toilet bowl, do not disregard it. This may seem to be a small toilet bowl issue, although it can result in bigger issues such as water leaks or serious injuries. Immediately call an emergency plumber as this issue needs an urgent response.



Many homeowners ignore the obvious signs of a faulty toilet bowl, and the reason is mainly that they prevent the cost of toilet bowl replacement. However, these seemingly minor signs can worsen, such as leaking toilet bowl, wobbly toilet, or it can completely fall apart. It is ideal to hire an emergency plumber from Everyworks Singapore. Our plumbers have years of experience, and they can do a toilet bowl replacement efficiently. See our price list to know more about our servicing costs.


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