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What Is A Smart Switch And How Does It Work?

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What Is A Smart Switch?

Smart switches are devices that can be used to replace an old light switch so that you can control your home’s lighting and other smart appliances with the use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. Its features differ from the traditional light switches wherein you do not need to manually turn the lights on or off.

If you install a smart switch, you can wirelessly control your lights even if you are away from the actual switch, or from your home. Additionally, smart light switches can also be used to control different smart devices like smart aircons, smart doors, smart locks, smart refrigerators, and more.


Smart Switch Features


Each smart switch has different features. Here are some of them:

  • Lights can be turned on or off remotely.
  • Status of the light or appliances can be checked remotely through smartphone apps.
  • Switch can be automatically set to turn on or off on a specific date and time.
  • Lights can be dimmed and hue can be adjusted.
  • Some smart switches have voice-activated control features.


Connecting A Smart Switch

The best way to connect and install a smart switch is to hire an electrical contractor. Having said that, you should still have knowledge on how to install it properly so that you can check if it works.

A smart switch has its own electronics module that allows users to turn their light bulbs on or off remotely. It also has a different type of wiring depending on the type of switch you install. Hence, you should always read the instructions and modules carefully, or better yet, contact a professional electrician to assist you on the switch installation. They will be able to install your smart switches based on its requirements.


How to Control Smart Switch Via Smartphone Or Smart Hub/Smart Home System

For homes with smart light switches, you can either control them by using your smartphones or having a smart home system. If you live in a smaller home with fewer smart light switches installed, you can control your lights and other smart devices using your smartphone. Connect it to your local Wi-Fi and you are good to go.

However, if you live in a relatively large home, you should opt for a smart home system or a smart hub instead. You will then be able to control your lights and other devices remotely even if you are very far away from the switches, LED lights, or the device itself.


Wi-Fi Smart Switch


Internet or Wi-Fi connection, being one of the most used technologies nowadays, is readily available in most homes in Singapore. Hence, a lot of smart light switches and smart bulbs have their own Wi-Fi module so that you can control them using your smartphones. However, using Wi-Fi smart switches lowers the speed of connectivity because more devices are now connected to it. As the bandwidth increases, you may be inconvenienced as it slows down other connected gadgets as well.


Zigbee And Z-wave Switch


For huge buildings or homes, it is better to use a Zigbee or Z-wave smart switch. It is more reliable and has better connectivity since it can be connected to 65,000 devices without slowing down. However, its range is limited. Hence, if you need your smart switches and devices to be working at more than 60 feet, you should install a Z-wave smart switch because it can connect data up to 550 feet.



Smart switches can indeed elevate your lives in a way that it becomes more comfortable and convenient. However, this depends on your needs and your living requirements. Hence, there are many things to consider before any light installation. Before you opt for a smart switch replacement and installation, you should first examine your homes or buildings and know which type of switch is more suitable for your needs.

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