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Why You Should Install Door Lever Handles in Singapore?

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Lever door handles are widely chosen by Singaporeans these days because of its convenience. You just have to apply downward pressure to open the door. It saves you the hassle of turning your door knobs, if you are not a fan of those.

You can also easily push the door lever handle downwards with your elbow if you are unable to use your hands to open the door. Here are more reasons why you should install door lever handles in your homes:


Protection from Stains and Grime

It is ideal to install and replace your door handles whenever necessary so that you can open your garden house doors just by pushing it downwards with your elbows and avoid getting it stained by your dirty hands. Installing it on your bathroom doors can also prevent the spread of any contaminants since you do not have to touch it before washing your hands.


Easy Door Access


Regardless of the type of door handles you use, you will always be able to open your doors with ease even if you have many things in your hands or if you have contaminated, muddy or dirty hands. A downward push using your elbows will easily open the doors. Hence, saving time and unnecessary effort and hassle.


Easy Access Even for Handicapped Persons


If you live with handicapped persons, like someone who uses a wheelchair to move around the house, it may be easier for them to access connecting rooms if you install door lever handles. They do not have to worry about turning knobs or malfunctioning door locks. People who require assistance and those with weaker hand strength like the elderly or arthritis can also make use of door lever handles for convenience.

You can definitely install door locks and door lever handles in your homes by yourselves, but the downside is you will not get the same quality as when you hire a professional handyman to do the job for you. Hence, you should leave the work to professionals like Everyworks Singapore. We have a lot of experience in doing so and can ensure you do not encounter any problems when opening your doors.


Best for Workshops Or Garages


It would be better to install door lever handles in mechanic garages and workshops because your hands tend to get oily. It may be inconvenient to turn door knobs with your bare hands. Hence, installing a door lever handle may be the best solution because you can access your doors without transferring grease on it. You just have to push it downwards with your elbow and you are good to go. You will then be able to leave a good impression on your customers and visitors as your door handles are always clean.

The same goes with a lot of factories that use chemicals. They should install door lever handles because it prevents their door knobs from getting contaminated. In this way, they can keep their workplace and everyone working in it safe from second hand contamination.



The accessibility and convenience of door lever handles make it one of the most chosen types of door handles among Singaporean homeowners. It can also be installed in different types of rooms like mechanic garages, bathrooms, workshops, garden houses and so on.

For your door knob installation needs whether it may be for your door knobs, door locks, or door hinges, do not hesitate to call Everyworks Singapore to provide you with the utmost service and. Our experts can do the job at the best quality at the lowest price.


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This article was reproduced from A1 Knobs & Handles.

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