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Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying A New Toilet Bowl

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Many people are not paying attention during the installation of a toilet bowl. Even so, a nonprofessional will guess it as a simple procedure that only involves meticulous arrangement and contemplation. Aside from purchasing the right toilet bowl, you should always study the item first before buying to have a basic understanding of what the item is all about. Installing a toilet bowl requires full attention, such as checking the tiniest component, proper measurements, and style.

Are you going to have a professional plumber install a new toilet bowl? Make sure to prevent these errors:


1. Purchasing A Toilet Bowl Whose Replacement Parts Are Non-standard


Most people choose high-end toilet bowl brands for their bathrooms. Although, if you have a premium toilet bowl it normally needs spare parts which are quite difficult to look for. If your toilet requires a repair, it could take a while since some spare parts could be unavailable. Keep in mind that when purchasing a toilet bowl, select the standard one to make sure that the replacement parts are easy to look for when your toilet bowl needs to be repaired.


2. Selecting A Toilet Bowl That Has A Noisy Flusher

Most HDB and office spaces in Singapore have toilet bowls with a noisy toilet flusher. This type of toilet is pressure-assisted which usually saves water in your toilet and bathroom and it is the best in maintaining a clean toilet bowl for a long period. Although, there is one disadvantage which is the producing of loud noise when you flush the toilet bowl. Since several toilet brands are enhancing this quality, try to find a toilet bowl without a noisy flusher.


3. Purchasing A Toilet Bowl With A Lid Prone To Slamming


Several people do not see this as a major plumbing problem, although there are times wherein the toilet lid pounds onto the bowl when you close it. This is a necessary aspect to think about when other people are living in your home since a pounding toilet lid might disturb their sleep. Getting a toilet bowl with a built-in slow-drop toilet lid is readily available in any hardware store. This is to ensure that your toilet bowl lid will not produce any noise.


4. Selecting A Toilet Bowl With An Incorrect Toilet Seat Height

Before purchasing a toilet bowl, it is advisable to pay attention to the toilet seat and height. Selecting an elevated toilet bowl seat may be awkward to some people, mostly when you are short or you have children at your home. A low toilet seat can also be awkward. With these factors, ensure that you will purchase the right toilet bowl seat and height.


5. Selecting A Colorful Toilet Bowl


Since purchasing a bright or pastel-colored toilet bowl is enticing, many interior designers still suggest homeowners pick a white-colored toilet bowl. A reliable plumber who has done numerous toilet bowl installations says that white is a flexible color compared to other colors.


6. Selecting An Incorrect Drain Trap Design

As stated in the toilet buying guide, you must be knowledgeable about the types of drainage pipes installed in your bathrooms – it can be an s-trap or a p-trap.


 7. Purchasing A Toilet Bowl With Incorrect Dimensions

Before purchasing a toilet bowl, ensure that your measurements of your toilet bowl and the place of installation are correct.



Purchasing a toilet bowl is not only going to a hardware store and choosing what you think is best for the theme of your bathroom. It is important to remember these factors in order to prevent mistakes when purchasing a toilet bowl such as choosing a standard toilet bowl without a noisy toilet flush, a toilet bowl equipped with a slow-drop toilet lid, correct toilet seat, height, and dimensions, a white-colored toilet bowl, and lastly you should know the type of drain pipe you have.

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