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Guide To Cleaning and Maintaining Your Toilet Bowl

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At present, most homeowners spend a great amount of money on the design and theme of their home. Apart from focusing on the decoration, it is also necessary to maintain the neatness of your home. When you see some blemishes developing on specific corners of your installed toilet bowl, it means that you did not clean your bathroom the right way. Normally, these blemishes are hard to get rid of, and they will need a cleaning expert. Every toilet bowl is prone to developing blemishes, no matter what brand the toilet bowl is.

When a toilet bowl is filthy, it will experience discoloration – from yellow to black – if it collects bacteria after some time. The collection of germs will bring about critical health dangers, particularly when you use the same toilet bowl with other members of your family. Nevertheless, you can easily clean your toilet bowl and other toilet accessories by yourself.


What Are The Causes Of A Dirty-looking Toilet Bowl?


Before you proceed to the cleaning procedure, you must first understand what causes your toilet to be filthy. Here are the usual reasons behind a filthy toilet bowl, as stated by a reliable plumber from a plumbing servicing company:


  • Organisms In Plumbing System

As a matter of fact, there are numerous organisms present in your plumbing system even if we are unable to see them with our naked eyes. These organisms develop well in tropical weather like Singapore. When you are flushing your toilet, these organisms will scatter and be stuck in various parts of your toilet bowl, and this can result in having a bad aroma and filthy-looking bowl. Getting rid of these organisms can be difficult determined by the design of your toilet.


  • Accumulation of Hard Water Deposits/Stains


Stiff water blemishes may develop in water taps, shower sets, and toilet bowls. Frequent connection with stiff water can make off residue all over the toilet bowl and even in holes where water goes through. This will require frequent cleaning in order to avoid stiff water residue from blocking the water supply holes.


  • Mold and Mildew

Normally, fungus and decay develop in wet places such as bathrooms and laundry areas. If you are not regularly cleaning your bathroom or toilet, you will notice the collection of fungus and decay all over your toilet in just a couple of days. If the fungus thickens and you are unable to get rid of it, your toilet bowl needs to be replaced.


How To Maintain A Clean Toilet Bowl


Nowadays, there are numerous toilet bowl cleaners at hand. It is recommended to buy a premium plastic brush and sponge to smoothly get rid of the collected grime such as stiff water or fungus. Keep in mind that you must use a disinfectant together with the toilet bowl cleaner to avoid any bad aroma. Once you finish cleaning the toilet bowl, disinfect the toilet tank, toilet seat, and toilet flush handle as well. Ensure that you brush each edge of your toilet bowl, particularly if it is a 2-piece toilet. The reason is that this type of toilet bowl has more unseen edges with collected grime than a 1-piece toilet. Last but not least is to wear gloves when you are cleaning your toilet bowl as you definitely do not want to touch the germs from your toilet bowl.



It is important to always have a clean toilet bowl since it can easily accumulate dirt, mold, and bacteria. When a toilet is not cleaned it develops discoloration, and stains. If you leave this unattended, it will be hard for you to remove all the stains, hard water, and dirt from your toilet bowl, hence it will require a toilet bowl replacement. The good thing is that there are numerous toilet bowl cleaners and disinfectants that are readily available on the market. By regularly maintaining your toilet bowl, you can guarantee that each corner of your toilet is germ-free.

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