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The Differences Between A Wall Mounted And A Floor Mounted Toilet Bowl

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When you are renovating your bathroom, it is usually tiring and demanding. Mostly if there is an abundance of toilet bowl brands and models to select from. If you are faced with unusual names such as wall mounted and floor mounted toilets.

Before you select a particular toilet bowl, make sure that you are acquainted with various types of toilet models and brands. It will assist you in deciding which model will match your needs. We have provided this article to know the distinction between a wall mounted toilet and a floor mounted toilet below:


Wall Mounted Toilet Bowl


Based on its name, wall mounted toilets are connected to the wall. This kind of toilet bowl seems like it is hanging from the wall, which makes it unique compared to other toilets. Many homeowners who want a contemporary bathroom design can think about having an installed wall mounted toilet. A wall mounted toilet bowl normally has tanks that are secluded in the back of the wall. Thus, the toilet flush is connected to the wall and the scrap will be drawn off through the secluded pipes. This kind of toilet is the best selection for compact bathrooms or if you desire to have a simple bath area.


Floor Mounted Toilet Bowl


On the other hand, a floor mounted toilet is the most common toilet used all over the world for centuries – floor mounted toilet bowls are the standard type of toilet bowl.

Many homeowners select floor mounted toilet bowl installation in their bath area since it is firm or steady rather than the wall mounted toilet bowls. Although, this type of toilet bowl is proved to be inexpensive.


Which Toilet Bowl Should I Choose?


When selecting between floor mounted and wall mounted toilets, you might want to think about some aspects.

If you have an extra budget, and you want to go for a modern theme, choose a wall mounted toilet bowl. Aside from easy cleaning, you can also have more space in your bathroom. Although, a disadvantage for a wall mounted toilet is that it requires wall removal to have the tank installation. If not, you can pick from the different types of floor mounted toilet bowls. For those who are on a tight budget, it is best to install a floor mounted toilet bowl, and if it is alright for you to have limited space in your bathroom. Moreover, the installation process is more simple than installing a wall mounted toilet bowl.



When choosing the right toilet bowl, you must consider some factors before you purchase, such as your budget, bathroom space, and which will best suit your bathroom theme. There are two types of a toilet bowl, namely wall mounted and floor mounted toilet bowl. The floor mounted type is the typical toilet bowl that we see in many households since most homeowners want a solid and affordable toilet bowl. On the other hand, a wall mounted toilet is intended for small bathroom spaces or if you want a modern style bathroom. For this type of toilet, the tank is hidden in a wall, and the price for it is quite expensive.

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