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Situations When You Need To Call For Emergency Plumbing Services

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It is important for any Singapore homeowner to always be prepared for plumbing issues that can strike at any time. This does not mean conducting DIY repairs for a plumbing leak or leaking tap. Rather, it means that you should call emergency plumbing services instead to prevent the issues at hand from escalating.

Here are some situations wherein you will need to contact emergency plumbing services:



Plumbing problems like pipe leaks and shower leaks can cause severe flooding that can damage your property. When flooding occurs, it is best to call an emergency plumber immediately to do the necessary plumbing work. This will not only prevent your home from getting ruined, but it will also save you from having to pay an expensive water bill.


Burst Pipes


One of the most common residential plumbing emergencies is burst pipes which are known to be the primary reason for flooding. Once you detect a water pipe leakage, therefore, you must turn off all your water openings to prevent water from overflowing and saturating drywalls or flooring. After that, contact an emergency plumber to do a pipe repair or a new pipe installation. Doing this will help you solve your plumbing problems much more quickly since they have the proper tools and knowledge to detect faulty concealed pipes that may have caused the bursting. In addition to that, a professional can also easily identify and solve any other plumbing emergencies that might exist.


Toilet Bowl Choke

A toilet bowl choke is one of the most severe plumbing issues anyone could face. Once encountered, the first thing you should do is to alert everyone in your home to stop flushing and then turn off the water source. to the water in your toilet from overflowing. In addition to that, make sure to hire the best recommended plumber in Singapore who can tend to your plumbing issue immediately.


Sewage Odors


The stench coming from your water tap should not be disregarded since it usually means that something is wrong with your plumbing system. Sewage odors are usually caused by a faulty sump pump, septic tank, or underlying plumbing issue. If a plumbing choke seems to be the cause, however, you must call an emergency plumber immediately to avoid other plumbing installations from being affected. 


Clogged Drain

Both a floor trap choke and sink choke prevent water from going down into the drain which eventually causes an overflow and flooding. Normally, such problems are caused by dirt build-up in the pipe drain. To resolve them, you must consult with a reliable plumber. They can easily identify the cause of clogging and perform the steps needed to resolve them.


Lack of Hot Water


Sometimes, when a plumbing system malfunctions, it prevents the shower from releasing hot water. In case you simply have a cold shower problem however, you can just check your water heater for any signs of damage. In case you experience difficulty doing so, you may need to ask a professional to conduct a water heater repair, or in major cases, a water heater replacement. Consulting with a professional is highly recommended since they might have a better idea of how to resolve your shower or water heater problem. 



A plumbing issue can be troublesome especially when it strikes unexpectedly. Whether your issue seems minor or major, consulting with a professional plumbing company like Everyworks Singapore is a must. We have skilled and experienced plumbers who can correctly identify and resolve any of your plumbing issues. We also offer honest and transparent plumbing services at affordable prices to make sure that you will get your money’s worth.


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