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4 Common Misunderstandings Regarding Aircon Chemical Overhaul

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In Singapore, most individuals have an aircon installed either in their home or office. If you happen to be among them, you must know how to properly take care of your residential or commercial air conditioning unit. Otherwise, it could face serious problems that will require thorough and costly aircon repairs

Educating yourself on what an aircon chemical overhaul entails is one way to properly maintain your air conditioning unit. Some refuse to use this specific aircon service because of some misplaced concerns. As a result, significant damage ends up being incurred by their unit. Be sure to take note of the following aircraft chemical overhaul myths to prevent this: 


It Can Cause Damage To The Fan Coil


Many aircon owners refuse to engage in aircon chemical overhaul servicing services because they think it can harm their aircon fan coil. In fact, a chemical overhaul will actually enable the fan coil to operate more efficiently by getting rid of any dirt and debris and fending off corrosion. It will also be able to disperse cold air even more effectively once it is free of residue.


Chemical Overhauls Need Not Be Performed Regularly


Many property owners think that it is unnecessary to have an aircon chemical overhaul performed. In reality, you ought to have this service carried out at least twice a year. Since this is a rather thorough form of aircon cleaning, it will kill different types of dirt and bacteria that regular cleaning can not remove. Besides that, not getting an aircon chemical overhaul carried out regularly will cause your device’s components to deteriorate which can cause problems such as aircon leaks.   


Simple Aircon Cleaning Is Enough 


Sometimes, aircon owners feel that regular aircon cleaning is enough to enable their unit to function properly. Although it is undoubtedly advisable to clean your aircon from time to time, it is not enough to prevent dust and dirt from causing significant damage to its internal parts. You can ensure that your aircon model runs appropriately for the long-term by having an aircon chemical overhaul performed periodically as this will ensure that the components are safe against heavy damage.


You Can Perform An Aircon Chemical Overhaul On Your Own


Some aircon owners would prefer to conduct a chemical overhaul on their aircon themselves to save money. This is not recommended as it can cause heavy damage to your unit. Remember that an aircon chemical overhaul requires the application of the correct type of chemicals in the proper amounts. In addition, attempting a DIY chemical overhaul can cause your aircon parts to be placed in the wrong positions during the reassembly process. Thus, it is best to hire professionals to carry out an aircon chemical overhaul service for you to prevent any major issues. Rest assured that they often have the right equipment and expertise needed to do the job smoothly.



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This article is reproduced from DW Aircon Servicing Singapore.


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