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Plumbing Maintenance Tips You Can Try For Your Toilet Bowl



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The bathroom is regarded as being among the most essential parts of every Singapore home. To keep it functional for everyday use, necessary plumbing works must be done when an issue has been detected. One of the most frequently used fixtures inside the bathroom is a toilet bowl. For this reason, it is important to monitor it regularly so any needed repairs and replacements can be done immediately.

Here are some tips that can help you in maintaining your toilet bowl:


Protect The Flapper

A flapper refers to the rubber cover at the bottom of the toilet tank. If you notice toilet bowl leaks, it is possible that this appliance has been damaged. To confirm if this issue is the cause of your water leak, try putting a few drops of food color in your tank and let it rest overnight. If you notice color in your toilet bowl the following day, you should call a plumber to replace the flapper in your tank. 


Clean Your Toilet Tank


Over time, your toilet tank can accumulate dust and other particles if not cleaned regularly. Since the water inside the tank is used for flushing, any unremoved particles can enter the toilet bowl and cause a  toilet bowl choke. To prevent this from occurring, you should clean your tank once every two months or call non-emergency plumbing services to clean it for you


Recaulk Your Toilet 


The wax ring seal found inside the base of your toilet prevents water from leaking. Over time however, it can deteriorate thereby causing the water to accumulate in the caulk surrounding the base of your toilet. If you notice water leaks at the foot of your toilet therefore, you should re-caulk the base of your toilet to prevent more water from seeping out. If the leak persists even after re-caulking, you should have toilet bowl repair performed by a reliable plumber in Singapore


Clean Your Toilet Bowl


One of the most common toilet bowl issues is clogging or choking. This is usually caused by dirt build-up inside the bowl. Toilet choke can be prevented by cleaning the toilet bowl regularly. You can also use cleaning solutions like mixed baking soda and vinegar to remove deep-seated dirt. In case the toilet choke needs more than cleaning, it is advisable to ask your trusted plumber to repair or replace your toilet bowl.



Regular maintenance of your toilet bowl can be helpful when you are trying to save money on plumbing. However, if your toilet is having issues that cannot be resolved using the aforementioned tips, it is best to contact Everyworks Singapore. We have experienced and skilled plumbers that can deal with any kind of plumbing issue. To know more, you can visit our website and look through our previous works


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