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Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Releasing Odour

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Your home or office’s environment should be more comfortable once an aircon has been installed. However, once your aircon starts to produce a foul smell, it is important to quickly find the source of the smell to avoid any further discomfort.


There are numerous reasons why residential or commercial aircon produces foul smells. Some factors include aircon-related issues, environment, and household-related problems. If you are unable to obtain proper aircon servicing, you can identify the cause of the smell based on the following guide:


External Causes of a Foul Aircon Smell

Aircons normally absorb warm air from outside and cool it on the evaporator coils before releasing it into the room. When your residential or office aircon starts to produce a bad smell, therefore, it may be caused by decaying organisms around your house. Remember that your aircon will not be able to release fresh air if the area outside your house is smelly.


You should do a quick check to identify the cause of your bad aircon smell before determining whether you need to engage an aircon maintenance company or not. 


Here is a list of external causes of a foul aircon smell that you should look out for. 


Polluted Air

If vehicles drive by your house, they can release exhaust fumes that pollute the air. These fumes can also produce a peculiar smell that could spread into your home. When there are a lot of vehicles passing your home, the safest thing to do is to close all of your windows and doors. That way, you do not need to hire an air conditioning service to eliminate the smell. 


Leaking Fuel Tank

If you smell gasoline in the vicinity of your home, it may not be because of your installed aircon. Instead, it is likely to be the result of a gas leak in one of the nearby vehicles. When this happens, you should maintain your distance from the vehicle and wait for the leak to be resolved.


Decaying Trash

If you have serviced or bought your aircon recently, it should not release any foul smell unless there is decaying trash near your home. In that case, you should quickly dispose of the trash to maintain a clean and fresh environment. 


Dead Animals

Dead animals near your house can also contribute to a bad odour. Fortunately, it is unlikely that you have an aircon emergency or require aircon servicing if such a smell occurs. That said, you should still close all your windows and doors until the animal is removed from the area. 


Internal Causes of a Foul Aircon Smell

Once you have ascertained that the foul aircon smell you are having is not caused by any of the external causes mentioned above, you should check for internal problems next. This is because a foul smell may be caused by defective aircon parts. When this happens, you can either troubleshoot your aircon yourself or hire an aircon cleaning professional to do it for you.


Leaked Refrigerant


Your aircon should never produce an exhaust smell unless there is a refrigerant leak present in or around the unit. When this happens, you have to do a copper pipe or insulation replacement immediately. If you are still experiencing this problem after doing the replacement, you may need to have an aircon gas top up performed as well. 


Blocked Aircon Drain


A foul aircon odour that smells like dirty feet or old socks can be caused by blocked aircon drains. In that case, you need to unblock the aircon drain to eliminate the smell. In case of difficulty while doing this, engage an aircon service to help you. Make sure to do so immediately as a blocked aircon drain can lead to aircon leaking problems



A foul aircon smell can be caused by external and internal factors. External factors include polluted air, a leaking fuel tank, decaying trash, and dead animals. Internal factors on the other hand include leaked refrigerant and a blocked aircon drain. When your aircon starts producing a bad smell, you need to find the root cause of the problem first. By doing so, you will be able to make a more informed decision. You can either do your own normal aircon servicing or contact Everyworks Singapore to resolve your smelly aircon problems for you. We provide comprehensive aircon repair services and aircon servicing to ensure your aircon performs optimally. View our price list for more information.


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