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Ways on How To Maintain A Panasonic Aircon

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Made by one of the top 3 selling aircon brands in Singapore, Panasonic aircons are deemed to be highly dependable and reliable. Maintaining your Panasonic aircon should be considered a worthy investment as it has a long lifespan and optimal energy efficiency. That said, even if you think you can do your own aircon servicing, it is still best to engage an aircon service provider for more thorough cleaning of the essential parts of your residential or commercial aircon. Keep in mind that conducting DIY aircon servicing will require the right equipment and comprehensive knowledge of how an aircon functions. Hence, it is best that you hire an aircon servicing company to help you as they have more experience in conducting aircon repairs, aircon gas top ups, and other services.

Listed below are some ways you can maintain your Panasonic air conditioner. 


  1. Clean Your Aircon System Regularly


As time passes by, your aircon will collect debris, dust, or particulate matter. Thus, it is important to do regular aircon servicing and clean your aircon as it helps to unclog its airways and ensures that your Panasonic aircon operates optimally. Additionally, clearing the debris around the cooling coils helps with efficient air circulation.


  1. Replace Faulty Parts 

Aircon parts that are old and faulty tend to obstruct the functioning of the aircon system. Hence, you should either repair these parts or buy replacements from an aircon maintenance company. By doing so, you will be able to use high-quality parts that work well with your aircon. 


  1. Check Your Thermostat

An aircon thermostat serves to regulate and control room temperature. When it becomes faulty, the aircon will not be able to maintain the optimal temperature. This means that if your aircon system keeps alternating between warm and cool temperatures, it is a likely indicator that your thermostat is defective. 


  1. Clean Your Fan Coils


You can easily access your aircon’s fan coils by removing the front panel. It is advisable to clean these coils regularly as they affect the fan’s temperature and speed. Fortunately, you can easily do so by simply using a brush. Your fan coils should not collect dust for too long as it will restrict the airflow in the air conditioning vents. When this happens, your aircon will not be cold enough. 


  1. Maintain Your Air Filters


It is important to have clean aircon filters as these regulate airflow, cool the room efficiently, and filter debris. Your aircon will need servicing if said parts are not maintained regularly.


  1. Ensure Clean Evaporator Coils

All Panasonic aircons contain evaporator coils. These allow warm air transported through the vents to be cooled before the fan motor blows it back into the room. Dirty evaporator coils can significantly diminish the effectiveness of your aircon. Hence, it is extremely important to ensure that they are regularly checked and cleaned. You can also engage an air conditioning service for assistance.


  1. Unblock The Drain Pipe

Condensate water from the aircon is removed through the drain pipe. However, this will not be possible if the drain pipe is blocked with dirt and debris. Hence, it is important to clean and maintain it regularly. Blocking of the drain pipe however, can also be a result of a Panasonic aircon not being installed correctly. Thus, you should ensure that your aircon is positioned downwards so that condensate water can be released quickly. 


  1. Arrange To Have Aircon Maintenance Performed


It is essential to have a powerful Panasonic aircon to enjoy a cool, comfortable environment in Singapore. Thus, hire a professional to do aircon servicing on a quarterly basis. Regular maintenance will extend your Panasonic aircon’s lifespan and ensures that it has optimal performance.




Your Panasonic aircon needs to be maintained regularly to prolong your aircon’s lifespan and ensure optimal efficiency. Some ways of doing so include cleaning the aircon system regularly, replacing faulty parts, checking the thermostat, and cleaning the fan coils. It is also recommended that you maintain the air filters, ensure clean evaporator coils, unblock the drain pipe performed, and have aircon maintenance performed.  For best results, you can consider engaging Everyworks Singapore and avail of our various aircon services


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