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How Often Should Aircon Servicing Be Performed?

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A residential or commercial aircon must go through proper servicing just like any other appliance. If not, it could develop issues such as aircon water leaks or emission of bad odour. Bringing back the proper function of the unit will also require lengthy aircon repairs. 

Even if most aircon users know the significance of aircon servicing, some do not know when it should be done. If you are one of them, we have listed these guidelines for you to take note of:


Best Servicing Periods For Different Aircon Types

Ducted Aircons


Ducted air conditioners are said to be among the most difficult aircon units to service. This is because they have numerous vents running all over the place to link the central unit to the exterior unit. The purpose of the exterior unit is to bring fresh air from outdoors to the inside with the use of refrigerant. This air will then transport to the central unit which is usually situated close to the ceiling. 

It is not advisable to clean a ducted air conditioner by yourself. Although you could clean the ceiling vents with the use of a vacuum or cloth every month to prevent the collection of dirt and other contaminants. This method can also be done for the return air grille which is usually located near the floor or ceiling. As for other aircon components, it is highly recommended to let a trusted aircon maintenance company clean them once a year.


Split System Aircon


A split aircon unit has two components: one which is installed indoors and another one installed outside. Both of these are linked via a system of copper pipes and electrical wires. The outdoor unit outside acts as a condenser that brings in the hot air through the indoor unit and releases it outside. Meanwhile, the indoor unit works both as a fan and evaporator. When maintaining an aircon unit, your main focus should be on the air filters of the indoor unit. Since air filters collect different particles and contaminants, they must be frequently cleaned with a cloth or vacuum. For other aircon parts, it is ideal to have them examined and serviced by professionals every year.


Cassette Aircon


Similar to a split type aircon, a cassette aircon also has an indoor and outdoor unit. It also uses the same evaporative technology which allows for dehumidification and lessens indoor air temperature. The main difference with these aircon system lies in their structure. For instance, the central unit of a cassette aircon is mounted close to the ceiling. Many parts of a cassette aircon also require a yearly inspection. That said, both aircon systems also share similarities in that the cleaning of their air filters needs to be done every few months. 


Benefits of Regular Aircon Inspections

Regular inspection of your residential or office aircon will guarantee that its performance is improved. It will also minimize the cost of aircon repairs and even provide cleaner and healthier surroundings. Aside from that, it will help determine if any aircon problems are present before they worsen. You also will be able to ensure that your aircon can function well for a long time and that you are provided with enough aircon energy savings as well. Moreover, regular aircon servicing is more affordable than having to install a new aircon after using it for just a short time.


Is Annual Aircon Servicing Enough?


How often your aircon needs to undergo servicing will depend on how frequent and how long it has been used. Aircon servicing once a year is not recommended as several aircon issues that have not been noticed could get worse over that period. There are even some instances wherein the entire aircon will need to be replaced due to improper maintenance. Hence, it is advisable to have your aircon regularly checked for any damages and to clean its parts from time to time to shorten the amount of servicing needed.



Regular aircon servicing is important as it ensures optimal performance of your aircon unit. The servicing period will depend on the type of aircon you have. Normally, ducted aircon units need to be cleaned every month. Split type and cassette aircons on the other hand can be cleaned every few months. 

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