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Where To Install Your New Aircon System

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It is essential to know precisely where you want to install your unit after buying a residential or commercial/industrial air conditioner. By installing your aircon in the proper place, you will be able to optimize its cooling capabilities so that your home or office will feel cooler and more comfortable. Here are some guidelines to help you determine where to install your new home air conditioner:   


Proper Location For Indoor Unit


An indoor air-conditioning unit should be able to provide you with optimal comfort and coolness. In order for this to be possible, however, it is recommended that you have your aircon installed at the uppermost portion of your walls so that cold air will spread out widely. You should also have it installed in the centermost region of your home or office to ensure even air distribution. In addition, there should be no barriers surrounding your home or office aircon as this can cause airflow to be blocked which could result in aircon not cold issues.

As this area appears to be relatively warm and can end up damaging your aircon unit, be sure to avoid putting your aircon in the corner. Otherwise, you might end up needing regular aircon repairs, It would also be best not to position your air conditioner in an environment where dust sometimes accumulates so that you do not have to clean your aircon filters too often. 


Proper Aircon Placement In Room


When having a commercial or HDB aircon installed within your room, it is best to position it near the ceiling so it can cool the whole area  You should also see to it that your unit is installed in such a way that it allows condensed water to drain quickly. Besides that, it should provide sufficient ventilation so that can distribute air freely.  Do not also forget to check that the area where you install your aircon is durable enough so its ts weight and movement are supported.  

The noise and vibration levels must also be considered when getting an inverter or non-inverter aircon mounted within a room. Not only would the owner be incredibly disturbed by a misplaced device, but the aircon noise will also annoy those who live nearby.  


Proper Height of Aircon Installation

It is also essential to decide how high your unit should be mounted on your walls when getting an aircon installation done. Most experts suggest that a split-type unit has a gap between its base and the floor of about 2.1 to 2.4 meters. On the other hand, it has been claimed that a window-type aircon should cover a distance of 0.75 to 1.2 meters in the same location. You can ensure that your aircon’s ventilation is spread at a wide enough range by having a technician install your aircon at the proper height.


Proper Location For Outdoor Unit


You will want to have your aircon unit installed in a location where it can provide adequate ventilation to enable your outdoor unit and its indoor aircon parts to work correctly. It must also be capable of draining any water it collects without causing any form of damage to any buildings, property, or furniture around it.

For aircon maintenance purposes, your outdoor unit must also be easily accessible and must not be in close proximity to anything that might be corrosive. It should also be installed in an area where it is safe from falling. Fortunately, there are ledges built-in most HDB and condo buildings where you can install your unit to prevent it from falling. 


Why Space Is Important

You can ensure that your unit releases air freely by keeping it away from any obstructions. When an aircon is unable to freely dispense air, it can begin to overheat and consume more energy than is required. Besides that, an aircon that is installed too closely to any large structures or furnishings is more susceptible to damage. 


When To Install An Aircon In An Old Location 

It can be costly and time-consuming to find a new place for your aircon. Therefore, if you are merely replacing your old aircon as opposed to refurbishing your entire aircon system, you may want to consider using the same place where your previous model was. This will spare you the hassle of having to do very costly renovations. 


When To Mount An Aircon In A New Location 


At times, despite being well-maintained, a unit may begin to experience aircon emergencies due to space constraints or obstructions. When this happens, it may be safer to move it to a new location where it can release air much more freely. Doing this will help restore your installed aircon to its former state and prevent it from incurring any heavy damage.



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