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How To Select The Right Lighting For Your HDB

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As is the case when choosing the right ceiling fans to set up, being aware of what lights you should install for your HDB flat can help to enhance its entire appearance. This process usually entails having an idea of the right design, color temperature, and brightness level which your light bulb should have. Exactly how often it might need to undergo electrical repairs should also be considered as well. Take note that selecting the least appropriate bulb/s to electrically install in your home can lead to extreme discomfort as well as costly electric bills. In order to assist you therefore, we have provided some guidelines to help you select the right lighting for your HDB flat.


Lighting Types

Ambient Lighting


Ambient lighting is essentially the primary source of light in a certain room. Normally, this is provided by fluorescent tubes or LED bulbs. However, pendant lights and chandeliers can also be a general source of light for as long as they are mounted on a high ceiling. Besides that, there are portable floor lights that are often used in households for the purpose of illuminating a whole room with just one bulb. In case you only need light during certain times of the day, you can simply install a ceiling fan with a light kit to reduce your power bills.


Accent Lighting


Accent lights are meant to illuminate special areas of a particular space or room. One example includes spotlights which are often used to secure prominent areas such as a driveway or yard. There are also wall sconces which you can set up in your bedroom or along your hallway to give it some elegance. Should you have pictures that you want to stand out more, you can also install picture lights around them to make them much brighter. Otherwise, call an electrician to install downlights or recessed lights to enable other surrounding furniture to be illuminated as well.


Task Lighting

Some homeowners require certain lights to be installed to make it easier for them to perform their tasks. If you happen to be among them, installing task lights is highly recommended. If you require adequate brightness for reading or studying however, then you might want to think about buying a table lamp or desk lamp. On the other hand, if you are in need of enough light for washing or fixing yourself, contact a reliable electrician to install vanity lights around your mirror instead. Having adjustable floor lamps installed is another option you can consider in case you want to adjust the position of your light installation while you work.


Best Lighting Type For Your Room

Living Room


More often than not, the living room is the largest room in the house. At times, it can even encompass the dining area. Many homeowners spend the majority of their time in this room be it through reading, relaxing, eating, or entertaining visitors. For this reason, it is important that it be well-illuminated. If your living room happens to be small, you can simply opt to have a single ceiling light installed. In case your living room is rather larger however, you might require multiple downlights or hanging fixtures. You can also set up cove lights if you prefer a more adjustable and energy-efficient light installation.




Many consider the kitchen as being one of the most important places in the home where proper lighting should be installed. If your kitchen contains an island, it is best that you have under cabinet lights installed to provide yourself with enough brightness while you work or eat. As for the best lights to install in your cooking area, recessed lights are the most preferred option since they help prevent any culinary accidents or mishaps from taking place while you prepare your food. When it comes to your sink or washing area however, installing pendant lights are the best choice for as long as you know how to properly adjust their height.




Besides sleeping, a bedroom is a place where you can sit back and unwind. In order to ensure utmost comfort and relaxation, be sure to select the most appropriate lights available for this room. For your bedroom closet, you can install LED lights inside or around it so that you can sort through your wardrobe much more easily. You can also try installing a modern bedside lamp on your nightstand for you to have enough brightness while reading. Make sure to also have cove lights installed alongside your dimmer light switches so that you can switch off your lights before you sleep.




The bathroom is one of the most essential areas in any home since it is the place where you can groom yourself to look your best. Because of this, having good bathroom lighting is important. Besides having multiple LED ceiling downlights installed, you can also set up vanity lights around the mirror for you to see yourself more clearly. You can also install wall scones so that prominent areas like your washbasin are well-illuminated. Try also having indirect lighting set up around your bathtub or shower to make yourself feel relaxed while you bathe.



After you have selected the most appropriate lights for your HDB flat, call Everyworks Singapore as soon as you can. Our crew of experienced and licensed electricians can install any lights of your preference. In addition to that, they can provide you with some tips on how to maintain your light installations for the long term. View our price list to find out more about the cost of our electrical services.


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