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7 Ways to Determine If Your Recessed Lights Need Repairing

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The minimalistic yet elegant style of recessed lighting has caused them to be purchased by more and more homeowners over the years. Just like conventional lighting however, recessed lighting is also subject to common issues like flickering and not lighting up. For this reason, they require proper care and maintenance. Once LED bulbs become faulty, they may need to undergo a light repair to function properly again.

Though homeowners can fix some minor lighting problems, it is much more assuring to consult a professional who specializes in light installation and general electrical repair services. In order to determine if your lights require repair, take note of the following signs:


Check For Loose Bulbs


Loose bulbs are among the most common causes of flickering lights or no lighting. Light bulbs may become loose because of vibrations and other factors or even long-term usage. It is easy to notice loose bulbs since they wobble in their sockets. Fortunately, homeowners can do basic electrical troubleshooting by re-screwing the bulbs in their sockets. If the bulbs are too high however, you will have to use a ladder to reach them. Ensure that the light switch is turned off first to avoid any electrical accidents while fixing it. It is also advisable to wait for the bulb to cool down after turning it off.


Check For Damaged Bulbs


Light bulbs can also get damaged due to short-circuits, electrical overload, and other issues with electrical wiring. Make sure to switch off the power supply when inspecting the damage. If there are black or grey marks on the bulb, the possible cause may be an electrical overload. Sometimes, on faulty bulbs, racks are also seen. The damaged bulb should be removed and replaced with a new one with the same rating for these issues. For better results, you should call an electrician specializing in light replacement in Singapore.


Check For A Sagging Light Trim


As time goes on, a bulb’s light trim will start sagging which can be a big problem since it tends to block the light the bulb produces. Another side effect of this is the erosion of support for the fixture which makes it unstable. To fix the issue, turn off the lights, and inspect the trim. Usually, loose springs will cause the frame of a light fixture to sag. Replacing the open springs with new ones will fix the trim’s sagging, but installing new ones ensures they are correctly aligned. Seeking help from a professional trained to do electrical services is also advisable.


See If You Have A Faulty Dimmer Switch


Flickering lights or no lighting can also be caused by a faulty dimmer switch. This device is meant to adjust the brightness and mood of the light installed. There are times however when the dimmer switches are not compatible with the LED bulbs installed due to having a lower resistance. When a mismatch in the resistance causes the dimmer switch to malfunction, the only way to fix this is to replace the bulb’s electrical components or the whole dimmer switch connected to the bulb.


Check If Your Power Socket Is Blown


Though it is uncommon, blown power sockets can cause recessed lights to become faulty. Some of the reasons for why this happens are overcurrent, overvoltage, or voltage level fluctuations. A power socket’s fuse for protection against overcurrent may also get blown if the electricity flow is very high. 

If a power socket is blown, some bulbs or even all bulbs can get affected. Asking for a reliable electrical contractor to replace the busted or blown power socket will be the best option to avoid accidents or further damage.


Check If You Have Incorrect Wattage

Lighting fixtures require bulbs and lamps with the correct level of wattage. If the bulb used has a higher wattage, it can lead to the trim overheating and incurring damage. In case you experience such an issue, it is advisable to check the bulb rating and replace your existing bulb with a lower-rating bulb to prevent injury and energy wastage. Ask an electrician specializing in light repairs for advice on what type of light installation is suited for you.


See If You Have Loose Electrical Wiring


One of the most common light installation problems is loose wiring. Although the fix for this issue is simple, it should not be ignored because it can lead to a fire. If you notice the wires hanging loose around the lamp or the socket, you should consider having an electrical wiring repair or replacement done. Electrical contractors and licensed electricians can handle the checking of your light’s electrical components and wiring for you.



Recessed lights require maintenance and repair just like any electrical device. At times however, electrical issues for recessed lights can be hard to identify. Fortunately, Everyworks Singapore can troubleshoots your lights for you with ease and precision. We have professional electricians who can provide various electrical services. View our price list for our full range of services.


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This article is reproduced from Daylight Electrician Singapore. 


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