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Five Tips on Hiring An Affordable Plumber in Singapore

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Plumbing services that do not break the bank can be worth it especially when you are trying to save money on plumbing. Fortunately, there are many HDB and commercial plumbers who offer affordable services without compromising the quality of work assigned to them. They can also attend to any plumbing issue no matter how severe it is. 

Whether you need a plumbing leak repair or pipe installation, not having to worry much about your budget can help you manage your plumbing issues better. However, you must also take note of some factors when hiring a plumber to avoid choosing the wrong provider.

Here are some tips on hiring an affordable plumber in Singapore:


Ask For Recommendations

Finding a reliable plumber in Singapore is now easier because of the internet. There are even online forums where you can also for recommendations from other homeowners. In case you face difficulty when finding recommended plumbers online however, you can also seek suggestions from your family and close friends. That way, you will be sure to hire the right service provider for the plumbing works you need.


Contact The Company Directly


Whether you are looking for an HDB plumber or commercial plumber, the easiest way to engage with them is by contacting them directly. This will provide you with the opportunity to inquire about anything you need to know about a specific service that you are planning to get. In addition to that, you can also ask them for a quote immediately before hiring them. Contacting the company directly can also give you an idea of how efficient their customer service is.


Ask The Company About The Experience and Skillset of Their Workers


Among the things to consider when engaging a plumber are the skills and experience of the worker that you want to hire. Since you will be paying for their plumbing services, it is important for you to get your money’s worth by ensuring that the works are properly done. Choosing experienced plumbers can also save you time since they will know how to handle complicated plumbing issues in an efficient and systematic way. Also, asking a company about the skills and experience of their professionals will allow you to avoid any unnecessary damage to your plumbing system.


Inquire About The Company’s Servicing Costs


Servicing costs are another one of the things to look out for when finding an HDB plumber. Inquiring about the prices of a plumbing service provider beforehand is important as it enables you to know how much you need to allow for services like tap installation and shower repair. Essentially, you will be able to better manage your budget and avoid overspending. Take note that a reputable plumbing company should give you a cost estimate containing the service fees and price of materials for the plumbing work that you require. 


Clarify About Whether The Company Provides A Warranty

Sometimes, installations for appliances such as a water heater and toilet bowl become defective despite the procedure being done correctly. The reason for this is that these installations can wear out due to being made with low-quality materials. In that case, it is advisable to have them repaired or replaced once they start to malfunction. 

In order to ensure that any installed appliances you have are immediately serviced, do not forget to clarify if the plumbing service provider you are in contact with provides a warranty for their services. Having a warranty can save you from overspending and will ensure that your plumbing emergencies are attended to immediately.



Any plumbing emergency can turn severe if not resolved immediately. Therefore, if you encounter issues with your plumbing system and installations, you should hire a professional plumber that can offer you immediate plumbing services that fit your budget like Everyworks Singapore. We have trained and experienced plumbers who can solve any of your plumbing needs.


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This article is reproduced from Mr Plumber Singapore.

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