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A Guide To Purchasing HDB Lights In Singapore

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One way of improving your HDB flat’s appearance is by knowing what lights to install for it. HDB lights can provide you with added convenience and comfort in the same way that electrical switches do. Once you install lights with a proper design that does not warrant frequent electrical troubleshooting, you can provide yourself with enhanced comfort at any time. If not, you could end up needing costly electrical repairs. With that said, here are some guidelines which can help you select the best lights for your flat.


Light Bulb Types



The following are the most popular types of light bulbs available for purchase:

  • LED Bulbs


Light-emitting diode lights (a.k.a. LED lights) emit brightness through the current that is transported through its semiconductors. As these light installations do not need large amounts of heat, they are known to be highly power-efficient which makes them a common choice among homeowners. These can also be purchased in various colors (such as red, blue, yellow, and green) and do not need extra filters. Although these are much more costly as compared to other installed lights, they are much more likely to have a longer service period thanks to their durability.

  • Fluorescent Bulbs

Until only a decade ago, fluorescent lights were commonly used due to the high energy savings they provided. These bulbs make use of large amounts of mercury and other gases to create energy which is then transformed into light by the bulb’s phosphorous coating. Even though fluorescent bulbs enabled homeowners to lower their power bills, their mercury content made them highly toxic. Because of this, they are not as widely purchased as they used to be.

  • Incandescent Bulbs

Incandescent bulbs are said to be among the first electric light installations to have been invented. They are built with a tungsten filament which is encompassed by nitrogen or vacuum and stored in a glass structure. After the bulb is inserted into a power socket, electricity passes through it which prompts the tungsten filament to glow.

Incandescent bulbs are considered to be the least energy-saving light installations because they consume heavy amounts of energy as compared to other light fixtures. As a matter of fact, only a small portion of the power they use up is transformed into light, with the rest converted into heat. Their longevity (up to one thousand hours) is also relatively short. As such, many electrical contractors only recommend them for temporary usage such as when a power failure suddenly takes place.


Light Bulb Colors


When deciding on light installation for your home you should purchase, bulb color is among the most vital factors to consider. Some popular bulb colors include the following:

  • Cool White

Asides from multiple electrical sockets, office spaces, and kitchen areas serve you best if they are illuminated clearly. For this reason, it is best to equip them with light bulbs of cool white color.

  • Warm White

Some people need to install lights in their rooms for leisurely purposes. If you happen to be among them, it is recommended that you call an electrician to equip your room with warm white colored light bulbs as they are known to be less harsh when compared to other bulbs. It can also ensure that you have enhanced comfort while you lounge or relax in your free time. 

  • Yellow

Yellow lights (also referred to as romantic lights) allow for a more soothing atmosphere. Because of this, you might want to engage a reliable electrician to set them up in your bedroom as accent lighting to provide you with better quality sleep. You can also have them installed in your living room for your guests to feel much more relaxed when they visit.

  • 3-in-1 lights

Unlike in the past, buyers now have the option of purchasing a 3-in-1 bulb that produces light in various colors. For instance, there are individual 3-in-1 bulbs that you can adjust by way of remote control. There are even other models that enable the user to gradually modify their bulb color using a rotary switch and other similar light switches.


Lighting Forms


Asides from light bulb type and color, you should consider the specific form of lighting you want to have a licensed electrician set up in your home.

  • Mount Lighting


Most homeowners have an HDB-approved electrician install mount lighting. These are normally set up in the center of the ceiling and protrude slightly. They are also built to be quite large to ensure uniform light distribution across the room. In addition to that, some individual mount lights come in a round design whereas others have either a square or rectangular shape.

  • Recessed / Cove Lighting


Some homeowners have a chandelier or ceiling fan installed in their living room’s center. In order to complement them, they often prefer to have an electrician add recessed or cove lighting. Besides providing optimal brightness, these bulbs are also made to complement other types of lighting. As a result, you will not have to worry about your ceiling layout and whether or not your recessed lights match your other light fixtures.

  • Track Lighting

Many electrical maintenance companies regard track lighting as a more cost-effective lighting form since it does not warrant any ceiling renovations. It usually involves fitting several bulbs on a metal rod, which can easily be attached and detached. That said, the downside of track lighting is that it is known to emit a lower amount of brightness than other lighting forms and can only be used for a short amount of time. Some people also dislike track lighting because of its cluttered appearance.



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