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7 Mistakes To Avoid When Resolving A Power Trip

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When fixing a power trip, it is always advisable to avoid some common mistakes in order to prevent any accidents like electric shocks and unwanted injuries. Moreover, you can avoid causing any heavy damage to your electrical wires and other important electrical components.

Having proper awareness about the mistakes to avoid when resolving a power trip will also prove helpful whenever you need to perform DIY electrical works such as an electrical switch repair, power socket/powerpoint repair, electrical troubleshooting, and many others. 

Here are seven common mistakes to avoid when resolving a power trip:


Not Unplugging Electrical Appliances During A Power Failure


Power trips in Singapore are usually brought about by electrical appliances that are left plugged in during power failures. This is because of the sudden rise in current which they experience after power is restored. In fact, these appliances can spark or even explode which can lead to a major fire hazard.

In order to protect your electrical appliances from experiencing another power trip, make sure to unplug them whenever you do necessary repairs. This will ensure that they do not incur any significant damage. 


Failing To Make Use of Safety Gear

No matter what kind of power trip issues you experience — whether they are related to your house’s light switches or electrical sockets, it is extremely important to make use of proper safety gear. If not, you could experience electrical shocks, especially while handling your electrical outlet’s internal components. 

Recommended safety gear for electrical works includes footwear, gloves, and other clothes made of insulating fabric. It is also best that you ensure that all parts of your body are dry so you can prevent yourself from being electrocuted.


Utilizing Defective Equipment

Using the right electrical tools needed to do electrical work (e.g. wire cutters, strippers, crimping tools) when resolving a power trip on your HDB circuit breaker or other devices is also important. Besides that, you should see to it that such tools are properly functioning. If not, you might end up damaging your light switch’s or power socket’s vital components. Accidents like an electrical socket and switch shocks could take place as well. 


Utilizing Unearthed Equipment

Besides following general electric safety tips, you should also make sure that the electrical equipment you have has been earthed. By doing so, you will make sure that you are well-protected against any electric shocks. If you are unsure about whether your electrical equipment has been earthed, however, try having them examined by a reliable electrical contractor


Installing Incorrect Wires


No matter what device you repair, be it a light switch installation or power socket installation, never forget to ensure that the damaged electrical connections are replaced with the proper wires. Failing to do so could lead to overheating, insulation damage, and other major issues. Also, be sure to have an idea of how to avoid electrical wiring mistakes.

Most devices require the use of copper wiring and large-size conductor wires so they can carry a high amount of current. Moreover, nearly all types of electrical wiring are made of insulating material. In case you are unsure about what specific wires your socket or switch needs, try checking some size charts made by wiring manufacturers. 


Switching Appliances Back On At The Same Time

When it comes to resolving a power trip, it is always important to identify exactly which appliance prompted the trip. You can do this by switching all of them on. Just make sure not to do so simultaneously. Otherwise, you might experience difficulty identifying which one of your appliances requires an electrical repair or electrical replacement.


Using Inferior Model For Circuit Breaker Replacement


When replacing your home’s circuit breaker, be sure to check that the new model you install has the proper rating for your appliances. The reason for this is that a circuit breaker with a much lower rating than required could cause circuit breaker trips to recur. You should also not fail to ensure that the parts of your newly installed circuit breaker do not display any signs of damage. By doing this, you will not have to worry about any short circuits or ground faults taking place should another power failure occur.



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