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HDB Electrician For Home Electrical Maintenance Works

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Before doing critical home maintenance works such as electrical troubleshooting and light installations, you should first be aware of the guidelines that HDB electricians need to follow. By doing so, you can ensure that your electrical installations do not incur any damage which would require expensive electrical repairs to resolve. Furthermore, you can prevent any accidents from taking place in case your electrical issues involve loose electrical wiring and power trips.


Important HDB Guidelines You Should Never Forget








If you happen to reside in an HDB flat in Singapore, then you are legally required to follow guidelines set by the Housing and Development Board. This applies regardless of the kind of electrical services you want your HDB electrician to provide.

Whether it be a light installation or circuit breaker repair, you are mandated to only engage professionals with HDB permits to conduct the electrical services you need. Failing to do so may result in costly penalties. Furthermore, attempting to do electrical repairs by yourself may result in accidents like electrical shocks. Additional damage to your electrical components can occur as well.

Besides hiring an HDB electrician, you are legally required to adhere to the following when having electrical works done in your flat:

  1. Before you call an electrician to do electrical repairs or troubleshooting, you should examine if the electrical loading in your flat is at least 40 amps. If so, you can apply for an HDB permit by yourself. If not, you will need to call an HDB electrician to render services for you.
  2. HDB flats which have been constructed on or after 1st January 1994 are considered as having been upgraded or improved. If this applies to your home, you will not need to apply for an HDB permit to have electrical works.


Why Do I Need To Obtain An HDB Permit?









As a homeowner, you need to ensure that you have all the required HDB permits needed for conducting electrical services such as light switch replacements and light repairs. This is to ensure that any electrical work done does not affect the structure of your home. Besides that, HDB permits make it more likely for electrical installation safety measures to be followed.

At times, homeowners want to have electrical works such as light switch installations conducted but are not sure about the electrical loading capacity of their home. Should you experience this problem, try using HDB block e-service systems for confirmation. Once you enter your postal code, you will be able to see if you require an HDB permit.


When Should I Call An HDB Electrician?









As stated, any electrical work that you need to have done is best rendered by an HDB electrician. If not, you face a higher risk of light installation problems and other electrical problems taking place.

Be sure to hire or call an electrical contractor with an HDB license should you be in need of the following:

  1. Electrical wiring repairs, replacements, and installations.
  2. Circuit breaker repairs or replacements
  3. Power point installations and replacements (i.e. those done for lighting points, power sockets, and electrical switches)

Getting an electrician who is HDB-licensed is a fairly simple process. As a matter of fact, most HDB electricians are almost always available to provide their services, be it electrical wiring repairs or light switch repairs. You can even speak to their customer service representatives in case you have other inquiries. They are more than willing to provide you with guidance especially if you are booking an appointment for the first time.


Things To Take Note of When Hiring An Electrician

Electrical works can be quite complex. In fact, just one mistake can lead to several electrical problems. Thus, when deciding which professional to contact, make sure to hire a professional electrician who is properly licensed. By doing this, you will be able to better guarantee that they have the skillset and expertise needed to do the electrical services you need. To hire a non-emergency or emergency electrician who is highly reliable, it is best to contact an electrical worker with qualifications from EMA, LEW, or BCA.


How To Best Obtain Durable Electrical Products











If you are in need of high-quality wiring products and other components, try engaging a reliable electrical contractor for assistance. Most electrical contractors have the proper equipment needed for various works such as light switch replacements, circuit breaker repairs, light installations, power socket installations, and others. Furthermore, they can ensure that any electrical products you purchase can last a long time without experiencing major issues.












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