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4 Factors That Affect Kitchen Tap Price

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In numerous households, the kitchen sink tap is frequently used for the purpose of washing kitchenware and cooking. To obtain the temperature they want, most families have a mixer tap to mix cold water with hot water. Meanwhile, others are thinking of installing a tap that is affordable and lasts for many years without needing to replace or repair it. When choosing the best tap model for your home, you must know the factors affecting the cost of a kitchen tap. 


Kitchen Tap Material


Most kitchen taps are made from stainless steel or other materials that do not get easily rusted despite being doused with water for long periods. This is one of the main reasons why they are expensive. Well-known tap brands such as Kohler Taps or Grohe Taps use the best grade of steel alloys, brass, and other available material for their taps and guarantee they can be used for a decade without accumulating rust or experiencing common causes of leaky faucets. The raw materials that the manufacturers used are also rather costly. 

Producing a kitchen tap is also expensive because of the high accuracy levels that need to be fulfilled during the various stages of manufacturing. In contrast, unlike most common types of faucets, plastic taps usually cost far lower since they are not heavy-duty. 


Kitchen Tap Function

Kitchen taps are made to be opened immediately whenever water is needed. However, they should also be able to close immediately to avoid water wastage. Besides that, the tap should be designed to prevent common faucet problems such as a leaking tap once it is closed. Take note that kitchen taps can experience wear and tear as a result of being in usage for many years. 

Fidelis Taps are one of the top brands that invest a large amount of research and development into their tap products. This is to ensure that they produce high quality taps that can be used without any issues for a long time. They also offer an extended warranty on the products they sell. Some types of kitchen taps produced by Fidelis have a chrome coating to appear brand new which means they will be more costly. 


Special Tap Features


For the convenience of the user, companies are manufacturing more taps with unique features to lessen water consumption. There are even touchless faucets that switch on and off automatically with the use of sensors that detect human movement. As much as it helps to significantly reduce water waste and save money however, the electronics to make this kind of tap increases its. These are things to consider when buying a water tapAnother thing that increases the price of a specially made tap are their valves which consist of spray or necks that can be rotated. 


Kitchen Tap Brand


A malfunctioning kitchen faucet is often one of the reasons why a faucet would be leaking and cause excessive water consumption and much inconvenience. It may even count as a sign the tap needs to be replaced. For this reason, homeowners would be more inclined to install tap products from reputable tap brands for their kitchen. Tap brands with high-quality durable taps include Kohler, Grohe, Delta Faucet, and American Standard. Among the many tap brands, Moen is regarded as the most popular brand for hi-tech and touchless faucets. 



Most families want to invest in the best quality kitchen tap since they can use it for a long time without having to repair or replace it. In order to make an informed purchase, they must find out the factors that affect the cost of the kitchen tap. These include tap function, features, and brand that made the kitchen tap. 

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