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5 Advantages of Installing a Self-Closing Basin Tap

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Are you facing bathroom tap problems or experiencing rusty taps? Are you noticing signs your tap needs to be replaced? In this case, you may be sourcing for tap services and may be unsure about which tap to choose from – out of the many different bathroom taps available in the market nowadays. In Singapore, the most widely chosen tap would be the self-closing tap when it comes to a tap replacement, the type you usually see in public sanitary facilities.


A self-closing bathroom tap is designed to dispense water only when needed, through pushing to start water flow, and then automatically shutting off after a pre-set time of between 8 to 10 seconds. If you are still unsure whether this is the bathroom tap you would like to have, read on about the five advantages to help you make a well-informed decision.


Prevent Cross-Contamination

Since a self-closing bathroom tap automatically shuts off once you touch it and have washed your hands, you will not need to touch it again, keeping your hands free from cross-contamination. If you want to maintain good hygiene standards and prevent cross contamination, it is recommended that you opt for a self-closing bathroom tap. When buying one, you may wish to check out some of the popular tap and faucet brands.


Easy Maintenance

Regular taps need to be turned on and off several times a day since you need to touch them again after washing your hands. Due to this, one of the most common tap issues you may face is the dripping down of water from your wet hands to the tap, contributing to the depreciation in its working condition.  However, this is not the case with self-closing taps. Useful things to know about taps before you decide on a suitable type is that with self-closing taps, there is no chance of water dripping down to the tap since you only touch it once to turn it on and it will automatically shut off. Due to this feature, the lifespan of self-closing taps tends to be longer as the risk of damage is reduced.


Effective Water Saving


Self-closing basin taps are the most effective in terms of water-saving, as compared to other usual types of faucets. Since there is a pre-set shut off mechanism only a few seconds from when you tap it on, the amount of water consumed will be much lesser. Hence, if you want to save water and be environmentally friendly, a self-closing tap is a great choice.


Cost Saving


When we use a conventional tap, we tend to waste more water as we let the water flow for a longer time when we wash our hands, before turning it off. This results in us wasting water. However, when you select a faucet for your bathroom, using a self-closing tap will help you estimate the amount of time you have to wash your hands before it automatically shuts off. Therefore, you will tend to use the tap more wisely. Since water wastage is considerably reduced, we get to save on our water bills.


Easy to Use

Another advantage that you can enjoy by installing a self-closing bathroom tap is that it is convenient to use. Since water flow automatically shuts off within a few seconds from turning on, you need not even think or remember to turn the faucet off. All you need to do is to tap it once, wash your hands and leave the bathroom. The convenience of a self-closing tap is something that beats the conventional tap. However, if you wish to do the installation by yourself, you may need to find out more about the steps to install a tap. In case the process is too tedious for you, you may choose to leave your tap installation in the good hands of a professional plumber.


Self-Closing Basin Tap Model

After learning the five advantages of opting for a self-closing bathroom tap, we will now introduce you to one of the top tap and faucet products in the market.

Fidelis Self Closing Basin Tap FV-23

The taps by Fidelis are recommended if you are looking for both a beautiful look and low water consumption. The Fidelis Self Closing Basin Tap FV-23 is not only a self-closing bathroom tap that is aesthetically pleasing with its silver chrome colour and chrome finish but is also one that is outstanding in terms of water efficiency, due to its water consumption rate of only 1.5 liters/min.


After reading about the advantages of using a self-closing basin tap such as the prevention of cross-contamination, easy maintenance, easy to use, being cost-effective, and saving the most water; it is time to make the decision to ditch that old, rusty bathroom tap. If you need help in installing a new self-closing basin tap, it is recommended to engage in professional tap installation services from companies such as Everyworks Singapore. Before you engage in such services, it is best to find out their plumbing services price list.



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