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Everything You Need To Know About Taps

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We at Everyworks Singapore know the details of the different kinds of faucets that perfectly suit our customers’ requirements, cost, and style. There is a wide range of faucets, and we are about to share the information you need to know about faucets to identify which kind is a good fit for your home. Otherwise, you may give us a call to assist you in selecting a water tap, and we can also do the faucet installation and faucet repair for you.


Types of Water Taps


Mixer Taps

If you want to have warm and cold water from the same faucet in an instant, select mixer taps. This type of faucet can have a single-lever (or handle) or double-lever. The single-lever lets you change from hot to cold water with just one handle shifting sideways. Meanwhile, the double-lever has one handle to shift cold water, and if you shift on the other side it will be warm.


Bath and Shower Taps


These types of faucets are normally intended as mixer faucets. Hence, it allows you to have hot and cold water from the same faucet. These faucets can also be a two-way faucet or a shower mixer faucet. A two-way tap is attached to your water heater and a spout that is typically connected with a hose for several cleaning reasons.


Kitchen Sink Taps


These water taps are usually intended to have a tall neck spout that is able to turn to assist you when cleaning. These faucets can only be a cold water kitchen sink faucet or a kitchen sink mixer faucet.


Basin Mixers

The faucets are designed if you are going to install a wash basin only. Households that are old could only use a cold water faucet for their washbasin. Although, it is getting usual to notice an installed basin mixer faucet in many homes in Singapore for the benefits of having warm and cold water by just doing one turn of the faucet handle.


Bidet Tap


Bidet sprays are installed pull-out spray extensions that are beside your toilet bowl. It is proclaimed to be cooperative equipment to develop your hygiene after you use the bathroom, and it is also able to assist you when cleaning the toilet bowl efficiently with its high-pressure water spray that can control the pressure intensity.


Washing Machine Tap / Service Tap

Washing Machine Faucet / Service Faucet – One-way faucets are typically installed as washing machine taps or exterior service faucets. Their main task is to switch on and distribute water. This may also be installed as shower taps since it is attached to the water heater.


Features And Mechanisms Of A Water Tap

Water taps and faucets have various forms to give several procedures of switching it on, and make it durable or to build up its attributes. Realizing how every faucet is made, thus you can determine which kind of faucet you are searching to install is significant.


Ball Taps

The faucet handle functions when you push the plastic or stainless steel ball above a round cover. This adjusts the temperature and movement of the water. It may be more vulnerable to water leaks, thus you must be knowledgeable of this.


Cartridge Taps

Cartridge taps has a handle to adjusts the water movement by shifting up and down or side to side. The cartridge is the system that is used to regulate the water movement and temperature.


Ceramic Taps

These changes the tap washers with ceramic faucets to make it long-lasting as tap washers are repaired usually. Another benefit of ceramic faucets is you can simply turn the taps since it only takes one-fourth twist to turn it on.


Thermostatic Taps

The thermostatic attribute in these bathroom or kitchen sink taps guarantees stability in the water movement, which is safer to use. Mostly for the disabled, elderly, and young kids. This feature is to protect you from burning yourself if the water temperature is not adjusted.


Trending Water Tap Designs




Sensor faucet styles are usually seen in hotel and office washrooms since they are able to adjust the water usage in public areas. This does not mean that this type of faucet cannot be installed by a reliable plumber In your household, since having a sensor faucet is practical.



The style of these faucets is classic and are the usual faucets seen in many household bathrooms. The faucet has a gentle handle that lessens the movement of water with a better style and carved body form. Pillar faucets are installed with one hole.


Wall Mounted

Wall-mounted faucets are usually found in bathrooms and it provides a contemporary style. These kinds of faucets are quite difficult to repair since it needs entry to covered pipes in the place where you want to have it installed. For that reason, it needs some cutting.


Floor Mounted


These faucets are disconnected and it goes along with a modern bathtub. Professional plumbers usually install them on the bathroom floor, and the spout is located on top of the foot of the bathtub, making your bathroom look impressive and expensive.



Some clients choose antique designs over contemporary ones. Vintage faucets would incorporate a country style, or Victorian-era feels to your kitchen or bathroom.



Many faucet styles aimed to the modern designs as it is both timeless and flexible styles for any contemporary household theme. This is the best choice if you want a combination of classic and modern faucets.



There are a lot of modern kitchen sink and bathroom taps which come along with an LED style, and it can also differ from the classic faucets with a neck and spout. For instance, a clam shell faucet can incorporate a modern feature in your faucet style.



This is to make a home or hotel look more expensive, designer faucets are in style. These types of faucets are high-priced and are made with modern technology which offers the perfect user experience and style. At Tap & Faucet City we offer Grohe and Kohler Faucets.



Gold-colored taps provide a modern and expensive appearance to any household. They are normally varnished with a chrome finish to create a shiny impression.



If our customers ask for a classic or traditional style, we provide them with the standard faucets without extras. These are the common faucets in many homes, and it can only be a faucet or mixer tap distributing hot and cold water.


Square Spouts

This is a boxlike style which is being mainstreamed and it still is a major trend, however a vintage style for a contemporary household.


Antique Brass Taps

These types of faucets are plain, although it is attractive at the same time. You can install this tap in your bathroom or kitchen. They are considered to be inconvenient since you have to switch the faucet for cold water and switch again for hot water, physically adjusting the water temperature. This is the same with using a single-lever mixer tap wherein you are able to shift between hot and cold water with only an instant push of the faucet handle.



Marble taps are considered to be a top-quality faucet style. There are several marble forms and taps that are readily available in rose gold, gold, and silver colors which could perfectly match with a marble table.



When choosing a faucet for your bathroom or kitchen, there are several aspects to consider such as the style, functionality, cost, spout height and reach, the material of the tap valve, finish, and lastly, the brand of the faucet. Just remember that when you choose a faucet make sure that it matches the theme or design of your home. Also check if the quality is water-efficient, durable, and easy to use. If you need help in choosing the best faucet for your home, do not hesitate to call Everyworks Singapore. Our team of recommended plumbers can also carry out the installation for you. To know more about our plumbing servicing cost, check out our price list.


Everyworks Singapore provides the best home maintenance solutions available in Singapore. Moreover, we ensure quick customer response, prompt booking, and reasonable and affordable prices for whatever services you acquire. Our highly experienced and skilled plumberelectricianaircon servicing technicians and handyman teams can also guarantee that the work performed is completed professionally and efficiently as illustrated by our highly-rated Google and Facebook reviews. See our past home maintenance works and articles  to learn more about our home services in Singapore. To set an appointment promptly and have your issues resolved immediately, simply contact our attentive customer support team by sending a quick text or picture through Whatsapp at +65 82410032.


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