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Common Types of Faucets

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There are many ways for you to avoid an expensive water bill, and among them is choosing the right type of faucet for your house. Though having a tap installed by a reputable faucet installation servicing company is fairly simple, purchasing the most suitable tap for your residence is not.  So how exactly should you go about this process?

Knowing which faucet type is right for you is always essential in order to avoid constant servicing. So for your guidance, Everyworks Singapore has compiled the following list of the most common faucet types:


Ball Faucet


This type of kitchen faucet ranks highly in terms of popularity. In fact, a smaller version with a smaller spout can be found in some commercial grade toilets. It is washerless and includes a handle linked directly to a round cap on top of the spout. This handle controls a ball within the faucet which adjusts the water flow’s volume and temperature control.

Due to its many components, this faucet is more susceptible to leaking as compared to other faucet products such as a cartridge faucets and disc faucets. Nevertheless, most homeowners choose to install it because of its smooth opening and closing mechanism.  This is especially convenient if it’s meant for heavy usage.


Disc Faucet

Besides more ways to save money on plumbing, the creation of a ceramic disc faucet is another recent development when it comes to home maintenance. This faucet type’s most notable feature is its wide cylinder-shaped body which comes with a single lever that can be lifted in any direction. This is so that you can control the water flow’s temperature level and volume. In addition, it includes a pressure balance cartridge wherein cold and hot water are mixed. Overall, disc faucets are highly convenient, of high quality, and don’t require much tap & faucet servicing.


Cartridge Faucet

This faucet consists of a more luxurious design and is mostly used in affluent venues such as hotels. It comes in two versions namely a one-handle type and a double handle type. The latter typically includes one handle for cold water and another for hot water. Unlike compression faucets which require some turning to shut off the water valve, this faucet type allows you to close the valve in one turn. Moreover, it is unlikely to experience water leaks thanks to its securely-installed components.


Compression Faucet


Compression faucets are normally regarded as an older type of faucet and are mostly used in older commercial restrooms. They also consist of two handles that control hot and cold water. Because of their outdated design, compression faucets are not readily available in the market. Moreover, they are susceptible to plumbing leaks and are often difficult to shut off.


Touch-less Faucet


A touch-less faucet can be seen in some commercial restrooms and is fairly easy to use since it uses a motion sensor. Hence, only a mere wave of the hand is required to turn it on. If you’re in need of a kitchen or bathroom faucet to help you wash and clean efficiently, then consider purchasing this type of faucet.


Deck Plate Faucet


A deck plate faucet normally consists of a handle, dispenser, and spout set atop a plate. This plate isn’t actually necessary for you to have since the three parts can be assembled by themselves. That said if you wish to have a professional plumber install this type of faucet, feel free to have it set up on your kitchen sink or bathroom sink where it is sure to provide much convenience.


Wall Mounted Faucets


Needless to say, this type of faucet is affixed on walls thereby giving it a modern appearance. It is normally linked to a pipeline in the wall and requires professional installation. Moreover, wall-mounted faucets have been gaining in popularity due to their modern aesthetic and their ability to conserve space.


Should you have any more questions regarding faucet types and their installation process, don’t hesitate to contact our professional tap & faucet services. Make sure to also view our price list for more information.

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