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How To Choose A Faucet For Your Bathroom Or Kitchen

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Living without a kitchen or bathroom faucet is essentially inconceivable. In fact, it is one of the most critical aspects of any functioning household since it performs many important functions. This includes mixing hot and cold water, attaining desired water temperature, and adjusting water pressure. Additionally, a kitchen faucet or bathroom faucet plays a very important role when it comes to aesthetics. This is because it can highlight an entire room as well as provide it with some personality.


Take Faucet Design Into Consideration


You might be wondering whether choosing a specific faucet product is necessary since most taps share similar mechanisms, functions, and appearance. As a matter of fact, certain types of faucets are designed to enhance a specific type of room’s appearance. For instance, taps with long spouts and watering can design are more suitable for bathroom use. On the other hand, a tap with a pull-out spout is more appropriate for a modern kitchen due to its contemporary design.

Once you’ve decided on a specific faucet design, make sure to contact a professional plumber to install your tap for you.


Know Where Your Tap Should Be Mounted



Besides taking faucet design into consideration, it’s also important to know the location for your tap’s installation. Whether it be a shower or bidet, each type of faucet serves its own function. For instance, kitchen mixers are designed for sinks with high depth. They also include a long spout in order to reach the sink’s central portion and to perform various functions such as filling large containers and washing dishes.

On the other hand, basin cabinets may not work well with long spouted taps such as the Arino Apex Sink Tap T-2011 due to their low depth. As such, they would be better suited with faucets having a straight horizontal spout.


Keep Faucet Structure In Mind



When it comes to faucet structure, taps with hi-tech and minimalistic designs are currently the trend. Among them are models consisting of cylindrical lines and smooth shapes.

Faucets with steel and chrome coating have been gaining in popularity as well. Chrome coated mixers in particular (such as this Grohe Eurodisc Joy Bath Mixer Tap) are known for being highly reliable and having remarkable quality. Moreover, they are notable for being non-corrosive through the process of metal vapor ionization. Although taps with non-reinforced chrome coating are considered sufficient enough for home use.



If you’re still having difficulty choosing a faucet for your bathroom or kitchen, then don’t hesitate to contact Everyworks Singapore for assistance. Through our listing of different taps and faucets, we can help you decide which tap is most suitable for your home and can serve your basic needs. Feel free to also view our list of tap & faucet services in case your tap needs repairing.


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