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Ways To Maintain Your Faucet and Retain Its Shine

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Keeping an installed faucet polished is not as easy as you might think. Chrome components and the contemporary style of water taps and faucets bring soap residue, water marks, and dirt quickly. If your water softener is installed correctly and operates well, you will not have to worry about getting rid of the bacteria. For you to instill having a polished faucet here are the following ways.


Regular Cleaning

Dirt and other contaminants that emerge on the exterior of the water faucet do not develop instantly. Since grime produces constantly over a certain duration. When water taps are left dirty for a couple of days, you will notice that you cannot clean them properly by just using ordinary soap. Hence, clean your bathroom including your water taps at least once or twice a week to prevent the build-up of water marks and dirt.


Thorough Cleaning Of The Faucets


Most people manage to move water over the water taps without brushing. For this instance, it causes the water marks and some dirt to stay on the edges of the faucet.

Thorough cleaning involves a systematic process and cleaning products that will create a flawless faucet. You can consult your manufacturer on which material your water tap is made out of, and also a suggestion on the plumbing tools that you need to use. If you like to do a basic water tap cleaning, start off by brushing all the edges using a sponge. Remember that there are several finishes that do not allow brushes. Although, you should also try mixing dishwashing soap and warm water in cleaning your installed tap. A cleaning cloth plus warm water can get rid of some dirt on the edges of the faucet.


Remove All Stains


Stains make water taps look strange. If your faucet has blemishes, the original shine is hidden. In order to get rid of the blemishes on your bathroom or kitchen mixer taps, put a bit of baking soda and scrub the edges with a toothbrush, then add droplets of water. Remember not to let the blemishes dry up as it can be difficult to rub them off.


Use White Vinegar To Get Rid Of Dirt


Whenever your faucet has problems like it has lots of dirt, the solution is to clean it off by using white vinegar. White vinegar is the expert in removing dirt. To get rid of the dirt, put half a cup of white vinegar and add the same amount of hot water. Then dip the cleaning cloth in the cleaning solution and scrub all the edges of the water tap. If your cleaning solution is too harsh it might harm your faucet. It is recommended to dip the cloth first and try it in a particular area. Just wait for the area to dry up and check the results before you can do it in different areas.


A faucet can easily attract soap residue, water spots, and most especially dirt. If you leave this unattended it would be difficult for you to get rid of residue since it already has solidified. In order to maintain your installed tap polished, it needs to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly. If there are stains you can remove it by using a baking soda with an added warm water. Although, if you would like to easily remove dirt around the faucet, combine a half a cup of white vinegar and hot water.

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