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A Guide To Purchasing Faucets

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Taps and faucets are installed last when remodeling a bathroom or kitchen. The materials of these items should be made up of heavy-duty parts which are suitable for the entire theme and it should be user-friendly. This article is to give suggestions whenever you are picking the best water tap brands

Before you purchase any kind of tap and have it installed by a professional plumber, these are the characteristics you need to check out.




The water tap size must have the same dimensions as the bathtub or sink; it should not be too small, too big, or too close or distant that the water tap is unable to complete its work.




The spout is where the water passes through, thus it should be long enough to reach a range off from the bathroom or kitchen sink. In this manner, it will allow you to wash your hands or fill a basin if required. The gap must extend to at least two-thirds approaching the center of the sink.



For specific faucets, there are times wherein you the throughput of the water to be huge in order to fill up quickly and it is also time-saving. A water tap with a big throughput can be for washing machines, kitchen taps, and bathtubs. However for small throughput can be used in sink taps, basin taps, and shower taps.



The valves can prevent your tap from leaking as the more long-lasting it is, the chances are low that you will experience a leaking faucet. The perfect kind of water valves are the ceramic ones, although they could be a bit costly compared to the other types. Nonetheless, it does not mean that the other types of water valves are not good quality. They can endure for up to a long time, although the ceramic type is more resistant and dependable.



The performance of your taps will depend on what you will pick, there is a wide range of the usual kinds of faucets that you will select from. You may be searching for a kitchen mixer tap that has one lever only which can adjust the temperature and capacity of water all at once. If you would go for having a thermostatic tap which allows the user to control each handle for hot or cold water temperature.




In discussing the issue of how to choose a good water tap one should not forget about the material from which it is made of as it will lend to the aesthetic of the home and the durability of the bathroom or kitchen sink tap. The most popular include:

  • Stainless steel. Stainless steel is the perfect selection every time. It is sturdy, long-lasting, cost-efficient and it suits any kind of household.
  • This material costs higher than stainless steel, although it is more durable and polished – since it has a chromium or nickel coating. This type of faucet might need constant preservation to sustain their polished appearance.
  • Be careful in selecting taps made out of aluminum-based material with silicone. If you are searching for inexpensive taps, ensure that you are aware that it is believed to be second-class.

You must always remember when talking about choosing the best faucet, which material it is made from since it will influence the beauty of your home and the resistance of the tap. These are the well-liked water taps:

The best recommended plumbers do not only have these materials. Although the other selections are imported. For instance, bronze is eye-catching and high-end, although it is expensive. Furthermore, a material with no special coating becomes dark after a while.



When purchasing a water tap that will suit your kitchen or bathroom, ensure to look out for these features such as size, spout, throughput, valve, performance, and lastly the material. Remember that a polished faucet gives more attraction to your home’s aesthetic. If you need help to install your faucets, do not hesitate to call Everyworks Singapore. Our reliable plumbers can do the tap installation efficiently in no time. To know more about our servicing costs, feel free to check our price list.


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This article is reproduced from Tap & Faucet City Singapore.

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