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8 Common Causes Of Leaky Faucets

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Often, situations can arise wherein water leaks from your tap despite it being tightly closed. This type of plumbing emergency can be extremely frustrating and can even prove incredibly costly. As such, it’s important to recognize potential causes for a leaky faucet which include the following:


Loosening of Faucet Parts


At times, a leak can transpire due to loosening parts. This can occur as the result of several factors such as deterioration in between the faucet components and poor faucet installation quality. The best way to resolve this would be through a tap replacement as a tap repair would only remedy the problem temporarily considering that a faucet shows no visible screws to tighten. To facilitate the tap replacement process, seek assistance from a professional plumber to ensure that the leakage is dealt with thoroughly.


Damaged Washer Components

Besides loose parts, a leaky faucet can result from a damaged sink washer. Usually, sink washers prevent leakage by using metal or rubber parts to conceal gaps in the pipes. However, long-term use or constant friction can cause these parts to become dislodged over time. However, if that does not seem to be the root of the leakage, then it’s possible that your washer may not have been properly installed. In either case, contact a recommended plumber to immediately resolve your leakage for you.


Damaged O-rings


In cartridge faucets, gaps are often sealed extremely tightly thanks to various metal or rubber components called O-rings. Naturally, these parts deteriorate over time, thereby causing a plumbing leak around the nozzle, handles, or even at the bottom of the faucet spout. As such, they warrant regular replacing in order to avoid the accumulation of mold which can be hazardous and quite unsightly. Contact a reliable plumber to assist with this procedure.


Valve Seat Damage

The valve is the component responsible for linking the tap and the water pipe together. While water travels along with the valve seat, minerals tend to accumulate thereby causing corrosion which can eventually result in a leaky faucet around the sprout. Once the valve seat breaks down, this leak can become apparent. In order to resolve this, don’t hesitate to avail of our wide range of faucet repair services. Our professional plumbers can provide you with assistance so your tap can function properly once more.


Lime Accumulation

As a result of lime accumulation, rough and scaly deposits can form on your tap which can make it difficult to open and close. Once this occurs, a leaky faucet can take place due to its inability to resist the friction caused by the lime buildup. You can opt for several DIY solutions to resolve this. Otherwise, contacting a professional plumber to fix the problem for you is your best option.


Damaged Faucet Seals

Usually, well-made faucets consist of inlet seals in their design to allow for the free movement of water while your tap is running. Likewise, they prevent the flow of water once the tap is off. The constant pressure from the running water, however, can cause sediments and scales to accumulate on these seals, thereby damaging them in the process and causing a leak. To prevent this, immediately seek the assistance of a residential or commercial plumber for your faucet to function properly once more.


Damaged Pipes


A leaky faucet can also result from a broken pipe or fitting. When either part becomes damaged, cracks can form which can cause water to seep out. Excessive dripping can also occur once the water pressure is affected. To resolve this, seek the help of an emergency plumber. They may either opt to conduct a pipe repair or replace the pipes with newer models completely.


Improperly installed Washer

As mentioned, a plumbing leak from your faucet can result from dislodged washer components. But in the event that these components seem to be in top condition, consider the possibility of an improperly installed washer. To have this remedied immediately, avail of our professional plumbing services. For more information, don’t hesitate to view our price list.


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