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How To Maintain Your Tap To Prevent Leaks

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Maintaining your tap & faucet and cleaning it is not always an easy task. Often, chrome taps and other sophisticated faucet types tend to attract dirt such as water spots, grime, and soap scum which can become extremely difficult to clean without a well-installed and functional water softener. When this occurs, the chances of any faucet-related issues occurring, such as a leaking tap, rise significantly. To prevent this experience, here are some guidelines on how to properly maintain your tap.

  1. Clean Your Faucets Regularly


Limescale which usually forms on water tap surfaces does not simply accumulate overnight. They actually build up over a long period. Moreover, not cleaning your faucets for several days can make them more resistant to just soap and water. If left alone, it can lead to you facing some plumbing emergencies such as a water leak. In order to prevent this, make sure to clean your taps at least once a week.

  1. Clean The Different Areas of Your Faucet Thoroughly



One mistake most people tend to make when cleaning their faucets is rinsing them with water without properly scrubbing or rubbing them. This can result in water spots and gunk forming on the tap surface which can be extremely difficult to remove. Faucet-related issues, such as a water leak from your tap, may also occur if the dirt becomes deeply embedded in the faucet parts.

In properly cleaning a faucet, one must make use of different cleaning solutions and methods to ensure that no dirt accumulates. As such, it’s important for you to know the type of finishing your faucet has, the materials which compose it, and the tools required to repair it. Contact a professional plumber for assistance with this process.

For regular faucet cleaning, you can use a sponge or abrasive to thoroughly scrub every surface of your faucet (however, keep in mind that certain types of finishing cannot be scrubbed with a brush). Applying dish soap and warm water is another viable solution when cleaning off the dirt. You may also use an unused cleaning cloth soaked in warm water if you wish.

  1. Scrub Off All Stains From Your Faucet



Stains can destroy the aesthetic value of your water taps and faucets and can even cause problems such as a plumbing leak from your tap. In order to remove them, rub them off with small amounts of baking soda using a toothbrush whilst adding a few drops of water. It’s important that you do not leave the stains to dry as doing so will only make your tap more difficult to clean.

  1. Clean Your Faucet With White Vinegar



If the surface of your faucet shows a heavy accumulation of grime, then you can attempt to scrub them off using white vinegar. Just mix a half cup of hot water and an equal amount of vinegar. After that, soak a cleaning cloth in the solution and use it to rub off all signs of dirt on your tap. This prevents dirt accumulation and lowers the risk of different faucet-related issues occurring.

Because white vinegar itself contains strong chemicals, using it in big amounts to clean your tap is not always practical since it can damage the finishing. In that case, simply dip the cloth in the solution, rub it over a specific area, then assess its appearance before continuing to clean other areas. Otherwise, contact plumbing services for assistance.



Cleaning your faucet is always essential in maintaining one’s home and in preventing any health hazards. In addition, it lowers the chances of a leaking tap occurring and ensures that your faucet will last over the long term. However, if your faucet continues to experience problems even after being cleaned, don’t hesitate to contact a recommended plumber for assistance.


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