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6 Points to Note Before a Bathroom Tap Installation

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Is your bathroom tap causing issues? Is it rusty, not functioning well, or has completely stopped functioning? Whichever the case, you may be considering replacing your tap with a new one. It is common for people to choose a new tap at random and do the tap installation by themselves. However, doing tap replacement by yourself might not always work. As replacing a tap requires relevant skills and experience, one might not know the common mistakes to avoid when replacing a tap by themselves.

To install a new bathroom tap, there are 6 things that you need to consider such as selecting a bathroom tap design, functionality, whether it saves space and water, whether is it convenient to use and the different tap hole patterns.


Selecting a Bathroom Tap Design

Although a bathroom tap is often viewed as just a sanitary fixture meant to serve its purpose, a rusty tap can indeed compromise the aesthetics of your bathroom. Thus it would be good to pay attention to any indication that your taps need to be replaced as it could make a difference to the overall look you want to achieve – be it a traditional or modern bathroom.

For a modern bathroom look, you may opt for a bathroom tap that has a sleek, geometric shape, smooth curves with satin nickel, and a chrome finish. If you prefer a traditional bathroom look, you may opt for a bathroom faucet with cross handles. Instead of a chrome finish synonymous with a modern look, go for a tap finishing such as antique copper, polished brass, pewter, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and antique bronze. You may wish to view the different types of bathroom taps such as basin mixer tap, basin tap, and bidet tap to select the type of tap that you need.




When you buy a bathroom tap, not only do you look for aesthetics but also the functionality of the tap in serving its purpose. Before installing a new bathroom tap, some useful things to know about taps could help you in understanding more about the different types of taps and how they function. For instance, you will need to learn how to mix warm and cold water from the same tap in the right combination. Learning how to move the tap lever can help you gauge whether it is easy to use if more pressure needs to be applied and if kids and adults have easy access to it.


Saves space


These days, space constraint is one of the most common problems faced as some of us live in HDB flats with very small bathrooms. In order to save space, we will naturally invest in bathroom fixtures that help us achieve this – including bathroom taps.

Small size taps are thus recommended for your bathroom as they not only look good and serve their function just like big taps, but they also save space. With a smaller tap to complement a small sink, you can save so much more space in your bathroom that you can utilize in various other ways. You may wish to read a faucet buying guide to find out more before you decide on your tap installation.


Different Tap Hole Patterns

Did you know that various bathroom taps in Singapore have different hole patterns? This can be seen in bathroom taps brands such as Grohe taps, Kohler taps, and Fidelis taps, amongst various others. Before buying a tap, you will first need to determine which kind of pattern is suitable for your sink type. If you need one with a separate hot and cold water lever, then the best choice would be the three-hole tap.

If you have a bathroom sink with a single opening, then buying a centre-set faucet is a great choice. This type of faucet helps you regulate water flow and temperature for such a sink. The handles and spout come on a single base, together with the centre seat. This type of tap is suitable for smaller sinks as it comes in a 4-inch spread.


Saves Water


If you intend to be environmentally friendly when it comes to your bathroom fixtures, you need to pay attention to your house rating and quality. Choose shower taps and other bathroom taps that help you save water, and at the same time give you a good experience. A touchless electronic tap for instance is a good choice for water saving. It is a sensor tap that is able to detect your hands precisely and as such, you do not need to use more water than is required.

These days, with many types of bathroom taps on the market, you are spoiled for choices. However, it has also become increasingly challenging to find a water-saving bathroom tap out of the many choices available out there. You may have gone online to read product reviews and may have also just purchased a tap at random but seeking help from a plumbing services expert can be really helpful.

If you are looking for a professional plumber with tap services, look out for companies such as Everyworks Singapore as they have vast experience, skills, and knowledge in installing taps for various homes in Singapore. They are also able to recommend the best bathroom tap based on your needs and provide you with installation services. Furthermore, if you experience any other tap-related issues (e.g., tap leaking), they will be able to fix them as well. You may also check out the plumbing services price list if you want to know more about the cost of installing a tap.


Convenient Usage

bathroom-tap-points-to-note-before- bathroom-tap-installation-services-everyworks-singapore 

One of the most common tips when buying a bathroom faucet is that you will need to consider the people in your home who will be using it. It would be best to choose a single-handle bathroom tap if you have kids and older people at home. This type of tap allows the user to control water temperature easily. As it only has one lever, it is convenient for users to adjust water flow due to ease of grip and movement. Knowing what to consider when buying a tap, as well as how to select a bathroom faucet will put you in the position to make the best decision.

If you are seeking further convenience, then a touch-sensitive tap may be the choice for you. Although they come in both single or double levers, with just one simple touch outside the tap spout, you will be able to switch the water flow on and off. Apart from convenience, it is also a very trendy tap to have.



Merely buying a tap at random and installing it does not necessarily give you the best results. There are various aspects that you need to look at before installing a new bathroom tap such as – deciding whether you prefer a modern or traditional look, knowing how to use it, the ability to save space, understanding the different tap hole patterns and whether it is water-saving and is it convenient to use.

Apart from knowing about the things to consider when buying a faucet, it is also important to learn how to identify problems with your tap in case you need tap repair or replacement services in the future. Thus, it is helpful to know how to find a reliable plumber.



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