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3 Factors to Consider Before A Shelf Rack Installation in Singapore

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When there is not enough storage space for the items in the household, there will be a lot of mess around the house. A lot of homeowners in Singapore opt for a shelf rack installation to maximize their limited storage space. Homeowners should first choose where they want to install their shelf rack and confirm the specifications of the shelf rack with the suppliers in order to get the best price on the racks. It is important to engage handyman services and consider some factors before the shelf rack installation. 


Shelf Rack Placement 


Besides deciding whether they should install a wooden storage rack or a metal storage rack, homeowners should consider the placement of the shelf rack when selecting one for their home. 

A shelf rack is more likely to face exposure to higher temperature and increased humidity if it is situated outdoors and near the window. As such, galvanized steel or powder-coated racks are highly recommended whether they be bolted storage racks or boltless storage racks. Compared to shelf racks with wooden shelves that can rot after a while, shelf racks made from steel are stronger and do not need as much maintenance. 

If a shelf rack is installed indoors, the homeowner can opt for plywood, wood, or metal. This will depend on the budget, load carrying capacity, among other considerations. Plastic racks are much more ideal to be used in the bathroom as they are designed to be waterproof. 

  • Wall Measurement

Homeowners often buy HDB bomb shelter racks to be used inside their HDB flats. When doing this, it is important to learn the step by step guide on measuring the right storeroom rack for their home to avoid any issues in the future. This will help ensure accurate measurements which will result in the purchase of the right storage rack that properly fit. It also guarantees that the available space is maximized.

Most rooms have four walls. The wall where the door is installed is typically not regarded as being ideal for accommodating an L-shaped or U-shaped storeroom rack since the door needs to be closed and opened frequently. To always ensure the storeroom rack with the right size is chosen, each wall’s length should be taken into account. A storeroom rack is generally two meters in height. 

  • First Rack’s Placement

To determine which racks are best suited to your storeroom, it is vital to compare the difference between the layout of various types of storeroom racks. The first rack is normally situated against the shortest length of the wall to maximize the available space effectively. Each rack’s depth will differ with smaller ones normally measuring 40 or 50 cm in depth. 

  • Second Rack’s Placement

If the first rack is usually placed on the wall’s shortest side, then the second rack is normally installed on the longer side. As this rack has a longer length,it also consists of a wider depth used to store larger items. Most racks have a 50 cm depth available. To help arrange the available space effectively, the homeowner must consider some factors before installing an HDB storeroom rack

  • Review The Size of the Shelf Rack 

Any homeowner should reevaluate the measurements of their shelf racks before finalizing them. This is because modifying the sizes can be costly and waste too much time. The items to be stored are also things to look out for before installing a storage rack at home. If you intend to store larger items, it is ideal to buy shelves with a wider depth even for racks which are small in size.


Shelf Rack’s Functionality 


A lot of products such as umbrellas, clothes, and decorations are stored after being used. Homeowners often labor to locate these objects and at times they incur damage, thereby warranging replacement. Moreover, the lack of space and clutter becomes evident over a short period of time. 

The advantage of installing a shelf rack in an HDB flat is that items can quickly be recovered and remain in good condition. A shelf rack is also far less expensive than a cabine and makes it easier to locate and return any item. 


Hiring a Professional Handyman for Shelf Rack Installation 


In order to decrease transportation fees, most shelf rack sellers will deliver the parts of the shelf rack which will then be assembled indoors. Considering that a majority of families in Singapore do not have the relevant skills and experience to install a shelf rack, it is beneficial to engage a professional shelf rack installation service instead. 

It is recommended to hire Everyworks Singapore for shelf rack installation services as they have a team of experienced, skilled, and well-equipped professionals. They have also installed different types of racks in numerous sizes and designs for many customers. 



A storeroom or storage space is required when homeowners must set aside their clutter. Therefore, they opt to install a shelf rack to maximize their storage space. 

There are many factors to consider before a shelf rack installation. First, the homeowner must decide on the placement of the rack which includes measuring the wall, reviewing the size of the shelf rack, and considering the position of the first and second rack. 

Additionally, the homeowner must know the functionality of the shelf rack. Though they may think they can install a shelf rack by themselves, it is still best to engage a professional from Everyworks Singapore. They have enough experience to install a shelf rack efficiently. Besides that, they are knowledgeable and have the right set of skills needed for the job. They also have reliable services such as storeroom rack installation, storage rack installation, and boltless rack installation.  


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This article was reproduced from A1 Storeroom Rack Singapore.

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