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3 Signs That You Require An Aircon Chemical Overhaul



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Proper maintenance is essential if you want to prolong the lifespan and performance of your residential or commercial/industrial air conditioning unit. Take note that if specific components are damaged or certain problems arise, then the aircon will probably need to undergo an aircon chemical overhaul

Being acquainted with the early signs of a malfunctioning unit will ensure that the aircon you have installed suffers no permanent damage. Thus, here are three indicators that your aircon unit needs a chemical overhaul:


Aircon Feels Warmer Than Usual


Sufficient cold air should be delivered by any home or office aircon. If your device has trouble doing so and feels warmer than usual, there is a possibility that its internal components such as the coils and compressor might have a blockage of dust and debris. In that case, an aircon chemical overhaul will be needed so that any signs of grime are removed. By availing of this service, your unit will be able to distribute refreshing air once more.


Severe Aircon Water Leak


There are several reasons for why an aircon water leak can occur. For one, it can be because of the aircon’s drainage pipe and back tray accumulating dirt and debris. This may also occur due to corrosion in the copper pipes or when the connections and tubing are punctured or become loose.

It is advisable to have an aircon water leak resolved through an aircon chemical overhaul. Besides helping you to restore your aircon, it also provides you with additional aircon energy savings.



Foul Odor Coming From Aircon

Algae, mold, fungi, and other types of bacteria that have accumulated on your unit due to a lack of aircon cleaning can make it a potential health hazard. Furthermore, it could cause it to start releasing foul odor. If you experience this problem therefore, have an aircon chemical overhaul carried out as soon as you can. Otherwise, you can experience a long-term sense of discomfort as well as some serious illnesses.


How Regularly Should an Aircon Chemical Overhaul Be Done?


Understandably, since it appears to be more costly than most aircon solutions, many individuals would like to know when they need to get an aircon chemical overhaul conducted. The need for this service typically depends on the age of the aircon you have installed, how much it is used, and its current state. If your aircon is relatively new and you rarely encounter problems, you can opt for an aircon chemical overhaul only once every two years. But if your device has been in operation for quite a while, then it might be best to conduct the service at least once a year. Contact a professional aircon maintenance company if you are unsure how often you need to get an aircon chemical overhaul completed.



Paying attention to the above-mentioned indicators and taking your air conditioning system through an aircon chemical  overhaul will ensure that your unit does not face any serious problems. Since this entails the aircon to be cleaned, re-installed, and its refrigerant gas to be refilled, it will enable your unit to perform much more efficiently. Contact Everyworks Singapore to avail of excellent aircon chemical overhaul services at reasonable prices


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This article is reproduced from DW Aircon Servicing Singapore.

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