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Top Reasons Why You Should Get An Aircon Chemical Overhaul

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An aircon is just like any other machine. It also requires some maintenance work in order to function properly. People often forget to pay attention to the basic maintenance requirements, like the importance of clean aircon filters, because they think it is operating perfectly. There will not be too many within the first year if your aircon is new. It will soon start malfunctioning and your power bills will increase if no maintenance work like regular aircon servicing is performed for a long time. You may also need to spend a lot of money for the aircon repair work if any major issue arises. Therefore, you should not take such risks and hire an aircon servicing company for your aircon chemical overhaul.













Why chemical overhaul?

There are two types of aircon chemical cleaning, and there is a difference between aircon chemical servicing and aircon chemical overhaul. The aircon units offer many indications for maintenance. Its cooling capacity will reduce, it will consume a lot more power, and release foul smell if not maintained properly. The aircon requires a chemical overhauling in such situations. Aircon chemical overhaul is the best way of reconditioning the whole system. You can revamp the AC and let it operate like a new one if you decide to go for chemical overhauling.

Top agencies that offer aircon overhaul services, send highly trained aircon technicians to take care of this job. Your AC unit will be completely dismantled so that the technician can clean all the components with a cleaning chemical. You should choose this treatment for your air conditioner, only when it has been recommended by the professionals. The technician inspects all the dismantled parts carefully in order to recognize the non-working parts. He can inform about aircon parts replacement during the overhauling process and clean the aircon to restore the original performance of your AC. Chemical overhauling not only helps you in improving the performance of your AC but also increases its lifespan.













What do the technicians do during chemical overhauling process?

As mentioned earlier, the technician will first remove the aircon and then he will dismantle it. Once all the parts are disassembled, the technician will start chemical cleaning process. He will first clean the internal air filter and then remove accumulated dust from the internal fan.

Once this process is completed, the technician will inspect all the component in order to recognize defective parts. He will later lubricate the fan bearings and then flush the drain pipe of the AC with a cleaning chemical. Once everything is done, he will remove the coil and clean it with the chemical solvent. This is how your aircon is cleaned during the chemical overhauling process.










How many times chemical overhauling should be performed?

It completely depends on the professional advice of an aircon repair company. Unlike aircon chemical washing, aircon chemical overhaul is mainly used as an aircon repair procedure to fix leaking aircon, strange and loud noises from the aircon, and when the aircon refuses to turn on. You should get information about chemical overhaul prices Singapore and then hire the best aircon servicing company for this job.


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