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5 Benefits You Can Get From Aircon Chemical Cleaning

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Having your air conditioning unit undergo aircon chemical cleaning is strongly recommended regardless of whether it is a residential aircon or commercial aircon. Otherwise, problems such as an aircon water leak may arise. There are two primary chemical cleaning methods in Singapore namely aircon chemical washing and aircon chemical overhaul.     


Aircon Chemical Washing


An aircon chemical washing service includes removing the aircon installation and using special chemical solutions to clean its internal components. Coils, aircon filters, and water trays are the components that often undergo this form of cleaning.


Aircon Chemical Overhaul


Besides those mentioned previously, there are additional aircon components that undergo cleaning when an aircon chemical overhaul is performed. These include drainage pipes, heat exchange coils, and blower wheels. An aircon chemical overhaul also includes fixing or removing components that may be faulty.

Now that you can differentiate an aircon chemical wash from an aircon chemical overhaul, take note of some of their advantages:


Benefits of Aircon Chemical Cleaning


  • It Freshens The Air: An installed aircon might release polluted air due to lack of maintenance which can, in turn, increase your risk of developing respiratory conditions such as asthma. Fortunately, by eliminating all types of dirt and bacteria from within your machine, an aircon chemical overhaul helps you get rid of this problem. In doing so, it enables you to have healthier and fresher air in your home or office.
  • It Extends The Lifespan of Your Aircon. Ensuring that aircon chemical cleaning is done annually ensures that your unit’s main parts operate correctly and are free from any form of damage. As a result, your air conditioning unit is guaranteed to function for a much longer amount of time.
  • It Makes Your Unit More Efficient: Dirt and bacteria build up on the internal parts of a residential or office aircon can decrease its overall performance. This is apparently due to restricted airflow and the damaged parts. To maintain your aircon unit’s efficiency, have it undergo periodic aircon chemical overhaul or chemical washing. 
  • It Removes Odors: Not only does the accumulation of dirt and bacteria within an aircon destroy its main components. In fact, it can also cause the air being distributed to become extremely odorous. To prevent the aircon you have installed from emitting foul-smelling air, you should have it undergo periodic aircon chemical cleaning to provide maximum comfort.
  • It Prevents Freezing of Major Parts: An aircon chemical overhaul or chemical wash stops any significant components such as the evaporator coils from freezing. In addition to that, it also ensures that the air it releases is clean and fresh. Note that these parts become unable to absorb heat when they encounter any obstructions. When this happens, ice begins to form on them. Therefore, do not forget to have your installed aircon undergo chemical cleaning whenever scheduled to prevent such a problem.



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This article is reproduced from DW Aircon Servicing Singapore.

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