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Common Mistakes Made During Light Switch Replacement

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Every home in Singapore is guaranteed to have a light switch installed. Though this device can last a long time with proper maintenance, it is not immune to wearing out eventually after constant and long-term usage. If you think that your light switch needs to be changed, you can opt to do a light switch replacement by yourself. Before you start performing an electrical replacement for your light switch however, be sure to take note of some common mistakes that occur often during this process.


Common Light Switch Replacement Mistakes

1. Connecting The Hot Wire To The Neutral Post 


It is best to familiarize yourself with standard electrical wiring terms before you start to connect the wiring inside a light switch. Normally, there are three kinds of wires inside a light switch: neutral, hot, and ground wire. It is vital that you identify all these cables by their colors before you perform a light switch replacement. 

For a hot wire, the color is usually black or red. In some cases, it can be white if it happens to be connected as the “switch leg”. As for the ground wire, it is usually a bare copper or green wire. Before disconnecting them from the switch, make sure to remember which wire goes to a specific post. If you wish, you can make use of black electrical tape for easier identification. 

See to it that the hot wires go to the brass-colored side when replacing the switch. Next, attach the ground wire (if present) before returning the switch to the box. In case you experience difficulty with this process, it is best to call a condo, commercial, or HDB electrician to fix your switch’s electrical wiring for you.


2. Failing To Disable The Circuit Breaker 


It is always necessary to turn off the circuit breaker to which your light switch is connected before replacing it. You need not worry about your light switch’s power getting cut off since there is a cross hotwire behind the walls which will prevent it from doing so. 

Turn off the main circuit breaker in the house or the building’s main electrical panel and make sure to cut off all power. As a precautionary measure, you can also use a voltage tester to measure the wires’ electricity. If this device registers voltage when placed near any of the cables connected to the switch, it is advisable to call a licensed electrician to prevent any electric shocks.


3. Cutting The Wires Too Short 


When replacing your light switch, make sure to have enough space to attach the wires securely before disconnecting the old wires. Once you disconnect the old switch’s wires, allot a two-inch wire allowance. This space should be enough for you to attach the other end of the wire to the new switch. In case you lack enough wires, you can just call a light switch repair electrician and request for an electrical wiring installation instead. 


Why You Should Contact An Electrician To Replace Your Light Switch

If you still experience confusion on how to replace your light switch, avoid performing any DIY repairs and contact a reliable electrician or emergency electrician (if the case is severe). Professionally trained electricians have much more knowledge when it comes to with light switch replacements. Furthermore, since they are well-aware of common electrical installation safety tips, you can make sure your new light switch is installed without any accidents occurring..



Light switch replacement mistakes can happen at any time. In case you have this kind of issue, it is recommended that you contact Everyworks Singapore to replace your light switch for you. By having a professional do the job,  you will be able to avoid damage as well as common electrical wiring mistakes which will require an electrical wiring repair or replacement,


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