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Signs You Need A Light Switch Repair

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It’s important for every homeowner to know the signs of when they’re in need of a light switch repair. This is because they can malfunction and incur damage after being in service for a long time, no matter which light switch you choose for your house. Moreover, not knowing when your light switches need fixing can cause major accidents and prevent you from performing your household tasks.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of signs for when your light switches require electrical switch servicing. By becoming aware of these, you can ensure that any issues they experience are resolved immediately and that hazards are prevented. You’ll also be able to perform your daily tasks with no interruptions whatsoever.


Flickering Light Fixtures


Residents may sometimes turn on their home light installations only for them to start flickering. If you experience this, then it’s possible that your switch’s internal metal components may have worn out with time and are unable to properly transmit electric current. As a result, the light fixtures fail to power on at full capacity.

In case your switch happens to be a newer type, then you can simply have a light switch repair by a licensed electrician. If it’s been in service for a long time however, then it might be best to have a light switch replacement done with a more updated device. Try visiting your nearest hardware store to see which modern light switch is best for your home.


Weird Noises Coming From Switches

Not only do faulty light switches fail to transmit electricity properly, but they can also produce various strange noises such as crackling, buzzing, or popping. Should your light switch emit any weird sounds, then try having it examined by a professional electrician to see if it can be repaired. Otherwise, you may need to have a light switch replacement done before other electrical issues arise.


Sparking Light Switches

Light switches can sometimes begin to spark due to an electric jump onto their metal portions. No matter how small the spark may be, it’s extremely vital to stop using the switch and have a light switch repair done immediately. Unfortunately, most homeowners ignore this problem thereby causing major hazards and accidents such as electric shocks. To prevent this, make sure to have an electrical contractor troubleshoot your switch’s electrical issues once it begins to spark. That way, they can determine whether your light switch can still be repaired or if a light switch replacement is needed.



After studying the signs for when your light switch needs repairing, you can now easily ensure that no other electrical issues arise that can cause major inconveniences. If you’re still unsure however, then don’t hesitate to contact Everyworks Singapore. Through our professional electrical switch services, our team can help you examine any light switch issues as well as provide tips on how to maintain your switches over the long term.

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