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Things You Can Do When Your Electrical Outlet Stops Working

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Electrical outlets enable many to easily fulfill their tasks as well as enjoy leisurely pursuits. For this reason, they are considered one of the most essential electrical installations to have just like light switches. Nonetheless, they can experience issues at times that can result in them not working at all. It is always vital that you determine the cause of these problems so you can have your outlets undergo an electrical repair or replacement much more quickly. The following are some methods you can try in case any of your power socket installations cease to function:


Try Testing Your Other Electrical Outlets


Problems that originate from the power supply can cause an electrical outlet to stop working. To confirm this, try to test your other electrical outlets to check if they experience similar issues. Should your home appliance products have difficulty functioning when plugged into those outlets, it is likely that your distribution board needs servicing

You can also try this method if your light installations, ceiling fan installations, and other devices cease to properly function as well. If any of your other appliances appear to be working normally when plugged into your other electrical sockets, it is possible that your electrical problems only stem from one outlet. In this event, contact an electrician to conduct a power socket replacement or repair as soon as possible.


Inspect Your Circuit Breaker


One other possible reason for why your electrical socket stopped working might be due to a tripped circuit breaker. Most residences in Singapore have circuit breakers installed to prevent any damage to their electrical wiring in the event of an electrical overload or short circuit. That said, this protective measure can also lead some circuits to lose power, thereby affecting the devices connected to them.

Inspecting the circuit breaker to which your malfunctioning outlet is connected should help confirm if it has in fact experienced a power trip. If the trip has occurred with the main circuit breaker, be sure to switch it on first. Afterward, switch on the circuit breaker for the outlet. If a power trip has been caused by a temporary power surge, your power socket installation should be able to function again once the circuit breaker has been re-enabled. If not, you can try to reset the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) to restore power. Should all other options fail, It might be best to call an electrician to provide you with assistance.


Try Unplugging Some Appliances


If your HDB circuit breaker trips again just after you switch it back on, then your outlet’s issues might be due to an electrical overload. This occurs when too many appliances are plugged into just one power socket. In order for you to reduce the load on the installed power socket, lessen the number of devices plugged into it. If your circuit breaker continues to trip afterward, it is likely that one of your appliances might be defective. In that case, contact a commercial or HDB electrician to repair or replace it.


Check Your Electrical Wiring Closely


An electrical outlet can also stop functioning properly due to electrical wiring problems. At times, the electrical wires may be loose or, even worse, damaged by pests. Since electrical wires are susceptible, it is best that you not repair them on your own. Furthermore, special tools might be needed when resolving matters related to electrical wiring. Instead, you should call a professional electrician to see if you require an electrical wiring repair or replacement.



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