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Electrical Parts You Need To Perform A Light Repair

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Being aware of which electrical parts you need for a light repair is always essential. The reason for this is that light fixtures consist of many intricate parts that work together to operate. Even if you own a light starter kit, resolving any common lighting issues will prove difficult without this knowledge. 

When it comes to light repairs, always remember that the solution required depends on the problem at hand. For instance, problems relating to LED lights are best addressed through LED light repair services with some even warranting an LED bulb change. A flaw in your ballast, on the other hand, will have to be resolved via a light ballast replacement. Whatever the issue is, do not hesitate to contact a reliable electrical contractor to decide which solution is best employed. 

To ensure that your light issues are quickly resolved, it is always best to research which issues your fixture is currently experiencing while waiting for a licensed electrician to come by. Some of these issues can include the following: 


Common Light Related Issues Faced By Homeowners


  • Light Bulbs Burn Out Quickly: Electrical wiring mistakes, such as loose wiring, can be a possible reason for why your light bulbs burn out quickly. When this takes place, individual wires can get severed thereby interrupting current flow. An electrical wiring repair or replacement will be needed in that case. On the other hand, light bulbs can burn out quickly when they are made with low-quality parts. 
  • Light Bulbs Constantly Flicker: Your light bulb can begin to flicker constantly as a result of the filament beginning to malfunction. When this happens, you should call an emergency electrician to have it replaced. Otherwise, it is possible that a loose connection in the electrical outlet might be the primary cause.
  • Light Fixtures Fail To Turn On: Light fixtures can fail to turn on when a fuse in their electrical circuit blows as a result of grounding or overloading. A light switch that is not working may also be a possible factor.In case your circuits and switches happen to be in good condition however, check if your light starter might be malfunctioning. Once you are able to determine why your lights refuse to turn on, contact a professional electrician to do an electrical repair for you.


Signs That Your Light Fixtures Are Malfunctioning


Having proper knowledge on the indications for malfunctioning light fixtures is essential so you can easily determine what tools are needed to repair them. Some signs of a malfunctioning light fixture include the following:

  • Buzzing Noises:  If you notice buzzing or humming noises coming from your light fixtures, then it is possible that your ballast might be damaged. When this happens, contact an HDB electrician to replace it as soon as possible.
  • Flickering: Your lights can also flicker due to a number of reasons like bulb deterioration, bad wiring, and sudden voltage decrease. In case these issues aren’t present however, then you might want to check if your electrical switch might be experiencing some common issues. Call a reliable electrician to troubleshoot your lighting issues for you for better convenience.
  • Delays In Turning On: Light fixtures that work properly should be able to turn on immediately at full brightness when prompted. If they do not, be sure to check if the ballast has incurred damage. Have it replaced by a professional electrician in case this is confirmed.

Tools Required To Perform A Light Repair


After identifying what specific light-related issues you might have and their signs, you can now see which parts and tools you need to resolve them through electrical troubleshooting. Some of these tools can include the following which you can purchase at your nearest hardware store:

  • Nut Driver
  • 4-in-1 Screwdriver
  • Wire Stripper/Cutter
  • Wire Connectors
  • New Ballast



As is the case with electrical installations, a light repair can usually be performed without any assistance provided you have the right amount of electrical knowledge and experience. However, in case you have trouble attempting to fix your light fixtures yourself, ask for assistance from a professional light repair servicing company such as Everyworks Singapore. With our crew of professionals, we can guarantee that your light-related problems will be solved with the greatest efficiency. View our price list for more information.


Most light features have decorative parts and electrical parts. The electrical parts consist of the sockets and their wirings that may simply wear out and no longer make a connection with the bulb, or they may overheat and short out. The good news is, you can always seek the help of professional electricians. Contact Everyworks Singapore for light repair services


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