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6 Reasons Why Electrical Outlets In The Home Spark

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As with light installations, electrical outlets are highly essential since they allow people to fulfill certain tasks much more quickly. As such, they need to be attended to as quickly as possible whenever they show signs of sparking.

Although it is normal for any power socket installation to spark when connected with another device (especially those that use up lots of power), it is best to contact an HDB electrician or emergency electrician if it sparks much too often. The reason for this is that it might be an indication that there are underlying electrical issues that need to be rectified. Once you contact an emergency or HDB electrician immediately, you can prevent additional electrical damage from happening. 

It is always important to take note of the reasons for why your power sockets spark in order to have an electrical repair done much more quickly. Thus, take note of the following causes of a sparking electrical outlet:


Short Circuit  


A short circuit is one of the most common reasons why electrical outlets spark. This normally happens as a result of loose wires or faulty electrical wiring. Besides sparks, a short circuit can also lead to an installed power socket emitting a burning smell as well as popping or buzzing sounds. 

If you believe that the sparks being produced by your electrical socket are being caused by a short circuit, see to it that you avoid repairing the socket yourself. Rather, you should call an electrician to conduct an electrical wiring repair or replacement.


Water Accumulation

Whenever a power outlet accumulates water, it can begin to spark heavily as water is a major electricity conductor. For this reason, always make sure to install your power sockets in an area where they will not be affected by rain and water-using devices like sprinklers. Another electrical safety tip you should try is to affix a faceplate on your outlets in order for them to be well-protected. 


Long-term Usage


No matter how well-maintained your home’s power socket is, it can still spark if it has been in service quote for a long time. Remember that old power socket installations tend to spark more frequently and are more likely to cause a fire hazard if not tended to. Therefore, if you notice signs of wear and tear on your old electrical outlet, have a power socket replacement performed at the soonest possible time.


Electrical Overload

Circuit overloading normally occurs when too many electrical devices are plugged into one electrical outlet. When a power socket becomes overloaded, it will begin to produce numerous sparks which is a highly dangerous electrical hazard. To avoid this issue therefore, try to limit the number of devices you plug into the electrical outlets you have installed. This will enable them to carry the minimal electrical load as well as provide even distribution of power.


Low-quality Repairs

Cheap electricians and electrical contractors’ power socket repairs tend to be of low-quality a lot of the time. Such electrical repairs can eventually result in the power socket malfunctioning as well as various electrical problems like heavy sparking. Thus, if you feel like the sparks being produced by your outlet have been caused by substandard repairs, contact a licensed electrician as soon as possible so that they can help to determine if your outlet merely requires extra fixing or if it needs to be changed entirely.


DIY Repairs


Cheap electricians and contractors are not the only reasons why an outlet produces sparks. Attempting to repair your installed electrical socket on your own can also be a cause. Remember that if you try to do an electrical repair on a power socket without any relevant experience or knowledge, you could end up causing damage to many of its electrical components. Heavy sparking can then occur as a result.



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This article is reproduced from Daylight Electrician Singapore.

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