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6 Common Electrical Services Offered By A HDB Electrician



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Being familiar with the many services provided by HDB electricians can help you solve your electrical problems more efficiently. Once you become more aware of solutions such as electrical installations and electrical repairs, you will be able to ensure that your devices like your power sockets and light switches last longer and are fixed without any delays Moreover, you will be able to plan your budget much more easily.

For this article, we have provided some common electrical services provided by HDB electricians. By exploring them, you can easily identify the services you require in case some of your home appliance products experience any electrical damage or need to undergo electrical troubleshooting.


Electrical Installations


If you have some electrical appliances or products which need to be installed, you should opt for electrical installation services. Remember that attempting to set up electrical appliances or light installations on your own can damage your electrical system if you lack the technical knowledge. As a result, you might end up having to pay more for electrical repairs. By contacting a licensed electrician to install your lights or devices for you,  it ensures that no complications occur.


Power Trip/Power Failure Services

A power failure is a common electrical issue experienced by many. Normally, these take place when the electrical supply is abruptly cut off. Moreover, they heighten the risk of electrical switch or socket shocks.

If your home’s light installations suddenly go out, it is best that you contact an HDB electrician to provide you with power trip/power failure services. These usually involve close inspection of your home’s electrical components, wiring layout, and electrical systems to diagnose the cause of the power failure. In addition to that, a professional electrician can easily determine whether you require electrical wiring repair or replacement or if a new circuit breaker needs to be installed.


Light Installations


If you have just recently moved into a new house, it is recommended that you opt for light installation services. By doing so, you will be able to replace your existing light installations with more durable models.

Often, light installation servicing entails a wiring and power socket installation by your HDB electrician. They may also install light fixtures such as fittings and lamps in order to make your new light installations look aesthetically pleasing.


Electrical Switch Services


Like electrical outlets and light installations, electrical switches can also sustain damage. This includes doorbell switches, water heater switches, and also light switches. To have your switch repaired, you should hire an electrical switch service provider. This typically involves thorough inspection of the damaged switch and its electrical wiring. After the cause of the damage has been identified, your electrician may choose to repair your switch, replace it, or simply conduct electrical rewiring.


Power Socket Services

Most homes in Singapore only have a few power sockets installed. Because of this, a lot of homeowners find it difficult to determine where they should install their appliances. In case you face this problem, you might want to opt for power socket installation services to have additional electrical sockets installed in your home.

When conducting a power socket installation, your HDB electrician might first identify the proper voltage limit for your outlets. This prevents overloading as even when multiple devices are plugged in, it does not exceed the voltage limit. Afterward, they may drill and cut certain areas for your power sockets to be installed properly.


Circuit Breaker Services


Each home will have a distribution box (DB box) installed. It is normally connected to various areas of the home and consists of a circuit breaker to prevent fire hazards. That said, there might be certain occasions when the circuit breaker becomes damaged especially if HDB circuit breaker trips and short circuits take place too often. Should you face such issues, it is best that you ask a professional to provide you with circuit breaker services. This will ensure that your DB box works as intended.




Now that you know more about the different HDB electrical services available, make sure to contact a good service provider to conduct them for you. At Everyworks Singapore, we have many electrical contractors who are well-trained in conducting various electrical works. Do not hesitate to view our price list to know more about our servicing costs.


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This article was reproduced from Daylight Electrician Singapore.

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