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6 Factors to Consider Before Purchasing A Kitchen Tap

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Normally, people use a kitchen sink tap frequently each day to perform tasks such as washing and cleaning. For this reason, there are many kitchen taps available in the market which vary in terms of cost and appearance. It is important to choose the right one before making a final purchase so as to prevent issues like a leaking tap

The following are important factors you need to consider before purchasing a kitchen tap for your home and having it installed by a professional plumber:


Usage of Kitchen Tap 

Certain kitchen taps are not tailored to the needs of the elderly and the disabled. Likewise, kids may not find it easy to reach for large faucets. Thus, be sure to consider the needs of all members of the household when deciding on a kitchen tap for your home.  If you think a self-closing tap is best suited for you, it is recommended to purchase a Fidelis Self Closing Basin Tap FV-23. Once you have managed to buy this tap, have a professional plumber install it for you.


Water Lines of Kitchen Tap


A kitchen tap will usually be fixed to the water supply with the use of valves. Bear in mind that not all pipes and valves are sized the same and how large they are will depend on how the plumbing system is designed. Thus, be sure that your chosen kitchen tap can be properly affixed to the pipes and valves you have installed. It is also best that you inspect the specifications and rating of your valves to prevent any common faucet problems from occurring.


Location of Kitchen Tap 


One thing to remember about kitchen sink taps is that they need to be installed in the right place to be functional. This applies whether your tap is only intended for washing or needs to be used with a dishwasher. When determining the best location for your tap, try to check how much space underneath is required for a proper kitchen tap replacement or installation. It is also ideal to check the distance between the wall and the spout. 


Kitchen Sink Type 


In order to experience the benefits of using a kitchen mixer tap, you should consider your sink dimensions while purchasing. When you want to install this kind of tap, your sink should be adequately spacious and durable so it can handle the heaviness of the tap. In some instances, a homeowner may have a countertop that is built to accommodate larger kitchen faucets. At other times, the sink is connected to the wall and can only handle a lightweight kitchen tap. If your sink already has holes for a tap installation, then the tap you choose should be able to affix itself easily to such a sink. Other guides to purchasing faucets also suggest you measure the distance between the holes to prevent an improper tap installation.


Sustainability of Kitchen Tap 

Nowadays, more and more homeowners want to purchase sustainable types of faucets to avoid wasting water. One of the ways they do this is by opting for a one-way tap or an automatic tap that detects human movement through the use of sensors. Because the latter tap automatically turns off, you will be able to save as much water as you can.


Budget for Kitchen Tap 

A point to note before a bathroom tap installation is how much money you will spend. Likewise, it is vital to consider your budget when selecting a kitchen tap. Although there are kitchen taps that can be costly, the overall cost of such taps has decreased in the past few years. Hence, you should still be able to find an affordable tap for you if you plan to reduce your water consumption. Also, just as there are different types of shower heads in Singapore with good aesthetics, there are well-designed taps that you can purchase for your home at affordable prices. 



Having a kitchen tap installed can provide you with many advantages. However, this can only be possible if you consider a number of important points when purchasing your tap. This includes knowing what your tap will be used for as well as the water lines. Also, make sure to take note of where you want your kitchen tap installed and the type of kitchen sink you have. It is also vital to determine whether you want a sustainable kitchen tap as well as your total budget. If you are finding the best recommended plumber in Singapore to install your kitchen tap, contact Everyworks Singapore. Our professionals can help you choose the best kitchen tap for you and install it as efficiently as possible.


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This article was reproduced from Tap Faucet City Singapore.

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