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How To Detect Leaking Taps/Faucets?

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Taps and faucets are required in every household as family members use them to clean items whenever they want to. Preferably, water should flow out from the faucet if it is only opened, and when it is closed, there should be no water leaking. Although, a common issue in many households is water leaks from taps/faucets which results in water wastage and several other issues. 

Several homeowners ignore a leaking tap since they have busy schedules. If a leaking tap is ignored it can result in producing noise, which can be very annoying. Additionally, it can also increase your water bills. If you detect a leaking tap, it is ideal to engage with leaking tap services. While fixing a leaking faucet is inexpensive at the initial stage, we have listed some tips that can help you spot a leaking tap or faucet. 


Inspect Faucet’s Spout


There are many cases when a leak comes out from the faucet’s spout even when it is closed. A thing you need to know about taps is that water leakage should not be ignored even if the water leakage from the faucet’s spout is less. If the leaking tap is left unfixed, then the amount of leaking water, and your water bill will rise. 

To check if your faucet is leaking, place a paper napkin under the spout, and if the napkin is wet then there is water leakage. There are several reasons why your faucet is leaking, it may be a damaged gasket, problems with the cartridge, and more. Although the cost of replacing the cartridge is more than replacing the gasket, is it still cheaper than replacing a faucet. Any damage to other faucet parts such as filters, spigots, and valves can also result in water leakage. 


Inspect Around The Base Of The Tap


Water leaks around the base of the tap are less common and not easily detected, compared to water leaks from the spout. If you know how to install a tap, you are aware that faucets are normally attached to the sink using nuts, bolts, or screws. Many tap users splash water on the faucet when using it, hence the leakage is often left unnoticed. Although if you detect puddles around the tap’s base, then it is an indication to check. 

An easy way to detect water leaks from the base of the tap is to dry out the area and place dry paper around it. If the paper gets wet, then it is an indication of a water leak. Normally, the O-ring that connects the tap to the sink gets impaired and develops cracks – another reason for water leakage around the tap’s base. 


Inspect Below The Sink


Many homeowners are not likely to detect water leaks under the sink since they normally do not check that area. The water leakage is due to an issue with the connections at the supply lines, valves, and the connection between the water supply and the tap. Checking the connections and valves can help to determine the reason behind the leak. If water leaks are left unfixed, it could cause more harm. Regular checking around the area of the faucet is one of the ways to maintain your faucet



Water leaks are one of the most common faucet problems, and if you ignore this they can cause damage. Apart from the damages that can happen, it could also increase your water bills. Now that you can learn the ways to detect if your tap/faucet is leaking, ensure to regularly inspect them. In case you need help in fixing your water leaks, Everyworks Singapore can do the job. We have helped numerous homeowners in Singapore with their faucet leak issues, and we have received great feedback from them. So, do not hesitate to contact us and avail our leaking tap services


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This article was reproduced from Tap Faucet City Singapore.

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